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EE Reseller Upgrade Order Portal

A route for your reselling business to procure Handset Plan or SIM-Only EE products and services.

Under one roof, we have technical account managers operating using a step-by-step process to help your business deliver the right handsets, SIM-only plans and companion devices for your customers.

Upgrade/Re-sign Order Form

For customers wishing to upgrade and pay £0 upfront, please complete the following form: - (For customers paying an upfront fee or wishing for more than 10 of a single handset, please use our EE Bespoke Order form. If the customer is new to EE or coming from a different service provider, please use the EE New Provide form.)

Thank you!

If you are adding the new service to an existing EE account, this must match the name on that account and should also be the same on companies house. If the details are incorrect, please email support@netify.com, where a support team member can assist in investigating.
Please enter the customer delivery address. N.B. - Only applicable if the delivery address differs from the customer's main address.
Please enter the Company Registration Number if the customer is a Public or Private Limited Company.
Upgrades and re-signs can only be processed if the customer is in the last 30 days of their contract term.
Please input the customer's existing EE account number here.
Every customer (new or existing will need to set up a security question - if not filled in your order will be sent back)
Please select Corporate if the customer's organisation has over 100 employees.
Please select Small Business if the customer's organisation has 100 employees or less.

For Upgrades and Re-signs, please state the customer's existing numbers/lines and which connection they will be associated with.

Please input the customer's requirements below:
Please state any additional requirements, such as inclusive extras or Smart Benefits chosen by the customer, as well as any additional Hardware or other extras requested by the customer that is not already covered in this order form.
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