Is there a guide to SD WAN vendors?

The Netify Mind Map guide to SD WAN vendors has evolved and improved over the last decade. We initially launched the Mind Map as a guide to MPLS VPN (this version still exists) but today we mainly release version updates for SD WAN and SASE security vendors and service providers.

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The Mind Map is specifically designed to list the top/best SD WAN solutions vs your needs with key areas IT teams should consider when comparing vendors.

What does the Netify SD WAN guide contain?

An overview and description of the following vendors:

  • Cato Networks - private backbone with global managed services.
  • Silver Peak - public Internet with strong features including WAN optimisation.
  • Open Systems - vast security knowledge with SD WAN capability.
  • Aryaka - private backbone with global managed services.
  • VeloCloud - high channel presence with comprehensive SD WAN & SASE.
  • Versa Networks - cost effective with the ability to meet simple and complex requirements.
  • Palo Alto (CloudGenix) - vast security knowledge with excellent SD WAN reporting and features.
  • Meraki - backed by huge networking experience with CCTV, strong WiFi capability and good security features.
  • Citrix - good option for exiting customers with management via the same GUI.
  • Oracle - strong application performance features to meet the demands of applications.

The following buying points are discussed:

  • Orchestration and deployment - covers how vendors deploy services from a management, user and device perspective.
  • SASE security - FWaaS (Firewall as a Service), SWG (Secure Web Gateway), CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) all form the basis of SASE.
  • SD WAN costs - setting budgets is an important aspect of vendor selection.
  • Why SD WAN - discussion on the benefits of SD WAN and why specific features help solve business problems.
  • Cloud Native Architecture - CNaC discusses the benefits of engaging directly with the providers of cloud services to achieve the best possible deployment and support.
  • SD WAN vs MPLS - common discussion point for moving from legacy MPLS services.
  • Resilience and Diversity - SD WAN is capable to achieving sophisticated failover.
  • SD WAN underlay - selecting between single DIA or multiple DIA service providers will impact network performance.
  • Backbone type - vendors offer pure Internet, public gateways and private backbone options.
  • WAN optimisation - application acceleration, caching and local QoS (Quality of Service).
  • Path selection - capability to leverage multiple connectivity options from DIA leased lines to Broadband and 4G/5G.
  • Accreditations - ISO27001 (example).

How does the Netify SD WAN guide help?

When embarking on creating a guide, our first goal was to produce an at-a-glance document which could be viewed on a tablet or phone. With the ability to Zoom, IT teams could essentially view areas of interest rather than reading paragraphs of text in the form of a traditional white paper. 

Alongside our curated list of vendors, our team also wanted to address the most common aspects of SD WAN which we believe should be considered when performing vendor comparison.

One new addition is SASE security which now forms the basis of almost all Software WAN deployments to address public cloud adoption and work anywhere network topology. 

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