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Cisco is simplifying their security portfolio with SecureX

Cisco is simplifying their security portfolio with SecureX

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Cisco SecureX offers the Enterprise the capability to simplify security with a specific focus on XDR (Extended Detection and Response), Zero trust and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) security. The simplification strategy is in line with the approach of current SD WAN and Security vendors which offer cloud-based AI technology to deal with current security threats. As business becomes more mobile across multiple devices, the overarching challenge is to bring everything together to make identifying risks and threats much simpler.

The intent of SecureX is to position security as an enabler to productivity as Enterprise SecOps can quickly view threats, analyse data, make improvements and improve the decision making process based on an almost real-time knowledge of events. SecureX is designed to support multiple vendors at the same time as simplifying the Cisco internal product set - numerous solutions will now fall under the Cisco secure portfolio.

The launch of SecureX is necessary to further simplify the Cisco approach to networking and security. We are witnessing IT teams looking for simplicity as one of their primary buying decisions when procuring networking and security products. With the demand for remote working increasing and the threats becoming ever more sophisticated, cloud AI is delivering the solution to maintain a base level of stability on a real-time basis.

SecureX brings together the required components of security (as and when needed) combined with sophisticated orchestration. When coupled with powerful reporting, which includes support for multiple vendors, Cisco customers are benefiting by the new consolidated cloud security approach.

The need to deploy multiple security vendors depends on IT strategy but many large Enterprises will benefit from the SecureX platform. The intent is to extend SecureX capability to support XDR, which is unifying detection and response of incidents across multiple security solutions.

Within the large global Enterprise, SecOps are looking to monitor the latest threats but also configuration issues which may create unforeseen security risks. If businesses bring SecOps and DevOps together by consolidating reporting, it is much easier to decide on the course of action where required.

Reporting and analysis are increasingly important from a consolidation point of view. Netify notes that zero-trust is a key focus point when discussing security with IT teams. The need to monitor all devices on the network, whether or not a client security software exists, is the only way to approach security.

SecureX is bringing everything together in one place with the intent of orchestrating different vendor technologies with sophisticated reporting. When the Enterprise is managing multiple consoles, IT teams face a significant challenge to align and process alerts which often causes confusion and delay.

What’s powerful with SecureX?

  • The platform is available across all Cisco Secure products.
  • Fast, agile setup allowing the Enterprise to quickly benefit from the technology.
  • Save time with visual threats from one central portal.
  • SecureX is security automation across all of your teams.
With the ‘new way of working’, businesses are adapting to ever growing remote workforces which require fast deployment with the latest cloud based security policies. Whether the user is connecting via an endpoint hardware edge device or working from a software client, SecureX is capable of instantly securing the mobile perimeter.

SecureX has been quickly adopted by Cisco clients with stats suggesting 4000 customers are now using the technology with the following outcomes:

  • SecureX provided significant reduction across threat detection times of approximately 95% and 85% remediation time.
  • IT teams are saving hours on incident reporting.

Customers are reporting how activating SecureX is simple with easy connection to 3rd party tools to improve threat analysis and reporting.

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