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An iconic British brand with great products, what are your options to unlock a new revenue stream?

Whatever business you're involved in, telecoms services are a key component of the delivery of data. The revenue achieved across the telecommunications sector is, of course, massive on a global basis.

And it’s not just telecoms companies, businesses of all types are recognising and waking up to the possibility of additional revenue streams by supplying customers with business and residential communication services. BT Business is one of the largest brands in the UK operating in the majority of locations worldwide.

The Network Union BT Reseller Programme offers access to either Wholesale white label or, if you’re looking for a simplified mode, we’ll set you up as a BT commission based reseller. Our commission reseller model is agency based meaning commissions are paid against each product or service sold. All products include a resign bonus turning revenues into repeatable and predictable income. With Wholesale, white label enables you to buy low margin BT Wholesale products, we offer a tiered support service with options for billing and support.

What kind of business are you - the IT company vs other brands vs. telemarketer?

The way in which your organisation will partner with BT differs depending on your business model. When selling BT into your customer base, the process is relatively simple compared to the model of a telemarketer/call centre.

When cold selling, the telecoms reseller model is based on sales numbers. The business must make enough sales which in turn produces profit to make the company viable. It sounds simple but to achieve good quality sales, each agent must be compliant and possess enough product knowledge to close business.

Telemarketing is often a problematic route to making sales via BT due to the nature of managing staff from the perspective of both compliance, product knowledge and ensuring each agent is provided with suitable calling data.

When introducing BT to your clients (either within IT or otherwise), the revenue complements your existing income. If your product or service requires connectivity, selecting products to sell alongside your core business makes perfect sense. An IT company is often a great fit to join BT as a telecoms reseller.

Outside of the IT arena, other brands are realising BT complements their products or services. Our experience suggests Broadband is often a great companion to even the most diverse of sectors. As an example, we worked with a large company selling printing equipment. While the Broadband was not necessarily required for the actual printing hardware, the company concerned bundled Internet as a value-add. The profit from their BT relationship is significant. In short, almost any organisation can leverage telecoms as an additional revenue stream.

The BT Partner sales model vs wholesale?

The Partner Sales telecoms reseller model offers an easy route to revenue vs. wholesale. With the BT agency model, contracts, billing and installation are all aspects taken care of by BT Business. In this respect, selling products is made simple which allows you to concentrate on marketing and generating sales pipeline.

In order to consider wholesale, your business will be expected to support and deliver services to clients in order to achieve low margins. As mentioned earlier, we operate a tiered system meaning we are positioned to offer billing and support on your behalf.

The BT Wholesale proposition no longer requires firms to implement their own infrastructure, NOC (Network Operation Centre), billing, statistics/reporting and delivery capability. With value added partners, we’re able to simplify access to products with no targets or setup costs.

Which BT Business products are available?

The BT reseller proposition includes almost all of their standard products from the most basic PSTN line through to Global Services WAN connectivity.

Perhaps the most popular product is BT Infinity Fibre Broadband due to the vast quantity of SME businesses in the UK. When bundled with a BT business phone line and Cloud Voice, the SoV (Sales order Value) represents a significant revenue stream.

Over and above Broadband, BTNet leased line Ethernet connectivity offers symmetrical 100Mbps and 1Gbps connectivity representing the next step up in terms of performance and SLA (Service Level Agreement).

With the demise of ISDN-2 and ISDN-30 circuits, BT Cloud Voice and SIP are fast becoming the replacement product of choice. With low-cost licences, call bundle packages, extensive features and BT Internet connectivity, the product provides an easy transition.

Lastly, data products such as point to point and multipoint LAN extension services together with the UK and Global MPLS or SD-WAN represent further options should your clients require complex connectivity.

How to apply to become a BT telecoms reseller?

If you’re interested in BT Wholesale or our agency commission model, let us know via telephone, live chat or complete our form to start the process.

If I choose to follow the agency/dealer model, how are commissions paid by BT?

Commissions are released by BT at or around 2-3 months after order acceptance - the criteria is an order must be complete and the first invoice released to your customer.  As part of the BT reporting structure, each reseller receives a weekly report detailing the customer order status and progress. Any available commissions are highlighted against a BT provided reseller code and paid on the last working day of every month.


Becoming a telecoms services reseller, BT or otherwise is often a challenge. As an example, the wholesale suppliers of Ethernet remain bureaucratic with poor processes often impacting the very core of your business; the customer. And even Broadband delivery is often protracted for what is often perceived as a commodity service.

If we cannot change the underlying challenges, what strategy should we take? We believe the answer is to set expectations, to gain a thorough understanding of where the hurdles and problems exist for your customer.

In this sense, we’re able to create mitigation plans and help businesses understand bottlenecks.

In other words, the partnership is not just about commission and revenue. Your business should carefully consider the impact of selling telecoms into your existing client base.

Why partner with Netify? We offer account management to all of our resellers with comprehensive reporting, training and face to face meetings where required. We have won numerous awards from BT including Partner of the Year 16/17 and occupy their top tier of Partner status. Our account managers implement a tried and trusted process to help with compliance and order processing. As a Premier Partner of BT, we are currently offering 70% commission share or access to BT Wholesale.

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