Netify have released our 2024 SD-WAN comparison blog article

The Network Union has rebranded to Netify UK & North America

The Network Union has rebranded to Netify UK & North America

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Compare the SD-WAN Market

Norwich, Norfolk - After consideration and a change of business strategy, we are pleased to announce our rebrand to Netify UK and Netify North America.

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The Network Union was originally formed in 2010 by Robert Sturt with the intent of helping businesses select their next WAN provider. The original company value surrounded the creation of bespoke RFP documents which were specifically designed to force service provider transparency by asking relevant questions based on our client's needs.

While the last decade has been successful for Network Union, we are making changes to reflect new opportunities which exist within the complex telecoms market.

In 2014, Network Union decided to move away from our agnostic approach and focus in on the BT brand and portfolio of services. The BT partnerships work has resulted in numerous awards, including the current 2020 ‘most Brilliant Partner’ accolade.

And while focussing on BT made sense at the time, we believe business opportunities in the next decade are more aligned to our original provider selection value. With the advent of SD WAN and SASE Security (Gartner framework), the decision was made to revert back to helping Enterprise business select and transact WAN services, specifically Software-WAN. The new strategy is reflected in our change of brand from Network Union to Netify and the introduction of the Netify SD WAN and SASE security marketplace.

Alongside the new marketplace approach, we intend to retain and continue our BT Partnership as follows:

  • We are currently one of the largest and most successful BT Business distributers.
  • We intend to continue growing the distribution business by adding new Authorised Resellers.
  • The distribution business will work autonomously from the central Netify vendor selection marketplace.
  • We will leverage the BT IP product set across Internet and MPLS services to facilitate SD WAN vendor underlay.

Our work with the BT IP access backbone will complement the Netify SD WAN marketplace by providing the best-in-class network for SD WAN underlay connectivity.

The Netify marketplace is designed to help IT teams compare and transact SD WAN and SASE security solutions. The marketplace requires a free login to access research and data-points across 10 leading SD WAN vendors and service providers. Netify overlay the marketplace with real technical presales resource to make sense of requirements in order to architect the right solution vs requirements. All of our team members are available on an unlimited basis via Zoom and can be booked via our real-time calendar.

Once registered, users are positioned to build vendor shortlists, request demos, contact sales, read reviews and request edge hardware and connectivity pricing. While the marketplace currently offers access to 40+ SD WAN and SASE security vendors, our main data-set is based on 10 leading solutions as of November 2020. All vendors are welcome to submit their solution for inclusion in the Netify marketplace.

Users of Netify will be offered two main options to transact and buy solutions depending on preference.

  1. Buy from Netify at 12% margin via our integration and Authorised Partner status with all leading vendors.
  2. Contract directly with the vendor, Netify will be paid a commission for helping transact the sale.

In November 2020, The Network Union is fully transitioning the brand and associated content to Netify via the purchase of and UK users will be served by the domain and US users via the domain with specific content built out for both regions. The brand changes do not materially change any aspect of Companies House data; the business continues to trade as The Network Union Limited.

The 3 Tools You Need To Compare UK SD WAN Providers And Vendors.

  1. SD WAN Comparison Tool - Answer 10 questions to find your match.
  2. Read SD WAN Research - We've listed 25+ Solutions.
  3. Get the Guide - Top/Best SD WAN Vendors and Providers.

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