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BlackBerry Cybersecurity Solutions

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BlackBerry is a Canadian software company specialising in cybersecurity. Founded in 1984 in Waterloo, Canada, the company was originally known as Research in Motion who developed the range of BlackBerry phones, pagers and tablets. Now, the focus has shifted to Zero Trust security, having achieved the highest score in the Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Unmanaged/BYO Use Case. 


BlackBerry Cybersecurity Solutions: Comparisons, Review, Benefits, Use Cases, Pros & Cons

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Cybersecurity and SD WAN

BlackBerry Products and Services:

BlackBerry's solution focuses on cybersecurity and content delivery, please see below for products/services offered:


Cylance Endpoint Security

CylanceGUARD: 24x7 Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Service available via subscription.

 CylanceGUARD EssentialsCylanceGUARD Advanced
CylancePROTECT and MTDIncludedIncluded
Subscription-based Managed XDRIncludedIncluded
Incident Response (IR) RetainerOptionalOptional (20% discount)
Third-party IntegrationsOptionalOptional
CylanceGUARD Features  
Email, Portal and Mobile Alert Escalation and ManagementIncludedIncluded
24x7x365 MonitoringIncludedIncluded
Customized Product Configuration, Optimization and Assurance (Including Blackberry Product Onboarding)Included Included
Threat Intel OverlayIncludedIncluded
Continuous Threat HuntingIncludedIncluded
Defined SLOs for Critical AlertsIncludedIncluded
Monthly Activity ReportNoIncluded
Quarterly Activity ReportNoIncluded
Access to CylanceGUARD Analysts (Incident Response Guidance and Strategy)NoIncluded
Additional Services 
Attack SimulationsOptionalOptional
Risk AssessmentsOptionalOptional
Compromise Assessment (CA)OptionalOptional
Pen TestingOptionalOptional
CISO EngagementOptionalOptional

Source: BlackBerry Limited, (2022)

CylancePROTECT: AI-based Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)

  • Proactively identifies file-less attacks with automated response
  • 99% cyber incident prevention
  • Prevents suspicious payloads and malware from executing
  • The lightweight single agent managed via a cloud-based console
  • AI-based agent and detection
  • Customize roles and permissions

CylancePROTECT Mobile: Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) cybersecurity solution

CylanceOPTICS: Cloud-enabled Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

  • Ransomware detection and response
  • AI-driven
  • Threat mitigation and containment at the endpoint
  • Automated incident responses leveraging custom and built-in playbooks
  • Cloud-enabled
  • 30-day out-of-the-box data retention packages to assist with forensics and threat hunting

CylancePERSONA: Identity and Access Management solution

  • User and Location Recognition
  • Zero Trust architecture
  • Risk and behavioural analysis
  • Able to grant access, adopt a policy, issue authentication challenges, alert and remediate based upon real-time risk score analysis
  • Resides in and processes data at the endpoint for faster detection and mitigation

CylanceGATEWAY: Cloud-native Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

  • Scalable outbound-only access to applications
  • Secure remote access
  • Network threat detection
  • Full or split tunnelling
  • Source IP Pinning

CylanceAVERT: Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Single pane
  • Dashboarding, analytics and SIEM integration
  • Leverages user, desktop, data and network telemetry to identify and classify inventory-sensitive information
  • Pre-defined regulatory compliance templates
  • Multiple file type support
  • File inventory service
  • Policy setting for data exfiltration events
  • Cloud management console unified with other Cylance products
  • Private File Evidence Locker


  • Seventh-Gen Cybersecurity AI
  • 99% effective in preventing cyberthreats
  • AI engine resides at the endpoint
  • Detects and contains harmful code in <50ms
  • Available offline and requires minimal updates
  • Threat detection and automated remediation to augment the human security team 

Embedded Systems

QNX Real-time Operating System:

  • Granular security
  • QNX Neutrino RTOS microkernel
  • Supports bound multiprocessing, asymmetric multiprocessing and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP)
  • Adaptive partitioning

QNX Hypervisor:

  • Enables consolidation of multiple operating systems on a single embedded system on a chip

Certicom PKI and Key Management:

  • Managed Public Key Infrastructure
  • On-premises or fully hosted deployments available
  • Supports both high and low-volume applications
  • Registration Authority (RA) function
  • Robust deployment methodologies and security development lifecycle
  • Certificates can be issued individually or in batches
  • Suitable for high-volume production environments, securing large numbers of devices
  • Offers highly customized PKI or standard X.509 solutions

BlackBerry Jarvis 2.0:

  • Software Composition Analysis and Security Testing for Embedded Systems

Unified Endpoint Management

BlackBerry UEM:

  • Integrates with Google Chrome Enterprise enabling consistent security policies across all endpoints, including BYO and corporate-owned devices, and managed through a single admin console
  • Deployable on-premise or via the cloud
  • Scalable up to 25,00 devices per server and 150,000 devices per domain
  • Visibility into devices, users, policies and applications across multiple platforms and ownership models, including iOS, macOS, Android, Chrome OS and Windows 10
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by eliminating redundant software licensing and support contracts as well as reducing server hardware requirements allowing for IT staff resources to be allocated elsewhere
  • Supports direct management of Microsoft Office 365 apps in a single console that manages other corporate applications.

BlackBerry Dynamics Apps:

A full suite of secure mobile apps

  • BlackBerry Work
  • BlackBerry Access
  • BlackBerry Connect
  • BlackBerry Edit
  • BlackBerry Notes
  • BlackBerry Tasks

BlackBerry Dynamics Platform:

  • Common platform for business apps
  • Scalability of up to 150K devices per domain and 25K devices per server
  • Deployable in the cloud or on-premise
  • Highly available architecture with active-active redundancy
  • Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification
  • Support for Purebred-derived credentials and Android SafetyNet Attestation
  • FIPS-validated cryptography
  • Single, secure mobile desktop using the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
  • Includes BlackBerry Analytics which tracks app metrics

BlackBerry Workspaces:

  • Secure synchronization, file storage and sharing
  • Available editions are Collaborate or Secure Plus

BlackBerry Digital Workplace:

  • A self-contained platform for managed or unmanaged devices
  • Provides secure access to resources located behind the firewall


BlackBerry IVY:

  • An upcoming cloud-based software platform
  • A secure and reliable method of deriving value for electric vehicle sensor data
  • Compatible with multiple OS platforms, including Automotive grade Linux and QNX Neutrino, to support multi-cloud deployment
  • Managed and configured from the cloud but runs on the edge within the embedded systems of a vehicle

QNX Acoustics Management Platform:

  • Fully integrated software architecture for managing vehicle acoustics

QNX ADAS Platform:

  • Software Foundation for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and other autonomous driving applications

QNX Multimedia Suite:

  • Middleware delivered with the QNX Software Development Platform

Consumer Products


  • Device security
  • Enterprise Cybersecurity
  • Secure Critical Event Management
  • Unified Endpoint Management
  • Smartphone Security and Applications
  • Real-time OS for Embedded Systems

Critical Event Management

BlackBerry Alert:

  • Early warnings of threat-level changes
  • Safety monitoring
  • Fully detailed and auditable incident logs
  • Automated workflows, pre-set templates and distribution lists for targeted notifications via multiple channels and on any device, with response tracking
  • View geo-targeting and real-time delivery confirmations
  • Response tracking
  • Integration with systems such as Workday, Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow
  • Map views and dashboards for event insights
  • Available as a managed service

BlackBerry AtHoc:

  • Critical event management for Government, Federal and Local, Educational Institutions, Public Safety and Law enforcement
  • Integrated with Canada's National Public Alerting System (NAAD) and FEMA's Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS)
  • Secure mass notifications with response tracking
  • AtHoc Collect enables the secure transmission of geo-tagged media
  • AtHoc Situation Response defines step-by-step incident plans with assignees and review cycles
  • AtHoc Connect assists in coordinating responses with multiple private and public organizations
  • Integration with systems such as Workday, Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow

Secure Communications


  • Secure voice and messaging for government and enterprise
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Can be deployed without dependency on any vendor infrastructure
  • Meets NIAP and CSfC security certifications, amongst others

BBM Enterprise:

  • Secure video, voice, text, conferencing and group chat
  • Available on both desktop and smartphone
  • Robust privacy policies
  • End-to-end encryption on multiple endpoints
  • Compliant with HIPAA and GDPR
  • Enables logging and auditing through archiving via Blackberry UEM



Red Team / Attack Simulation:

  • Breach Simulation Service
  • Traditional Red Team
  • Adversary Simulation Service

Penetration Testing:

  • Mobile application testing
  • Web application penetration assessments
  • Internal penetration testing assessments
  • External penetration testing
  • Wireless penetration testing assessment

Strategic Services:

  • Virtual CISO (vCISO)
  • Security assessments and uplift
  • Custom Staff Augmentation

IoT / Embedded:

  • Embedded / Internet of Things Security Service


Managed XDR:

  • CylanceGUARD

Incident Response

Incident Response Retainer

Compromise Assessment

Digital Forensics


Cylance Endpoint Security:

  • Cylance Endpoint Security (CES) Implementation by ThreatZERO

Unified Endpoint Management:

  • BlackBerry Security Services Implementation

QNX Professional Services:

  • Customized professional services, including training, and software assessments

Support & Training

Technical Support:

  • Advantage or Premium support with an optional technical account manager

Product Incident Response (PSIRT):

  • BlackBerry Product Security Incident Response Team

Technical Training

QNX Product Training:

  • Standard and Customized BlackBerry QNX Training
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