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Cradlepoint SD WAN & SASE Cybersecurity Solutions

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Cradlepoint is an American technology company that develops cloud-managed wireless edge networking equipment to meet business and public sector requirements.

Cradlepoint SD WAN & SASE Cybersecurity Solutions

Cradlepoint SD WAN and SASE Solution: Comparisons, Review, Benefits, Use Cases, Pros & Cons

Author: Netify Research Team

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Netify Review

Cradlepoint is a good fit for many companies and is particularly advantageous in certain industry verticals. Cradlepoint solutions are reliable, offering a low failure rate leveraging strong hardware and rapid support options. The unified platform can be easily and quickly deployed, delivering a simplified user interface. The NetCloud Portal enables straightforward management of large numbers of endpoints, particularly through its group feature. Some users note difficulties managing hardware and licences, though Cradlepoint offers a vast knowledge base and training courses outlining best-practice procedures to help mitigate this issue. 

Since 2020, Cradlepoint has been certifying its solutions with carriers to ensure the compatibility of its 5G equipment with different versions of Cradlepoint technology. The company's LTE functionality can assist in providing competitively priced secondary paths into the network. Cradlepoint's enterprise capabilities lack advanced features common in enterprise networks. Whilst still suitable for some verticals, in enterprise networks, there may be some feature disparity. Care should be taken to ensure that Cradlepoint is able to meet the requirements of your business.
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About Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint is an American networking vendor delivering cloud-managed wireless edge networking equipment and Wireless WAN solutions. The company heavily utilizes 4G and 5G cellular technology, was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Boise, Idaho, United States. The company supports international offices in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and India. Cradlepoint primarily offers solutions for businesses and public sector agencies and currently supports over 36,000 globally. 

In 2016 the company launched their NetCloud platform, which uses SD WAN architecture to help businesses manage their wired and wireless networks. Cradlepoint currently offers a subscription for its software and hardware, available in annual or multi-year subscriptions. In 2020, Cradlepoint was acquired by Ericsson and currently operates as a standalone subsidiary within Ericsson's Business Area Technologies and New Business portfolio.
Pros & Cons

What are the pros and cons of Cradlepoint SD WAN & SASE Cybersecurity?

List of the pros and cons associated with Cradlepoint SD WAN and SASE security.


  • Ease-of-deployment
  • All-in-one manageable solution
  • High-quality technical support
  • Good integration and scalability using NetCloud Manager
  • Affordable


  • Labour intensive requiring monitoring and regular human interaction
  • Some key features require additional subscriptions
  • Lack of a fully built-out set of features for enterprise
  • Issues maintaining enterprise-level networking speeds exacerbated during firmware updates
  • Licensing can become complicated, particularly when utilizing multiple services

Comparison: Cradlepoint vs Riverbed vs Versa Networks SD WAN & Cybersecurity

Consider the points below to compare Cradlepoint vs Riverbed vs Versa Networks SD WAN and SASE security.


  • Feature-set for enterprise solutions currently needs to be fully built out.
  • Highly recommended by users for vehicle deployments.
  • Supports failover for redundancy.
  • NetCloud Manager provides integration and scalability.
  • Some key features require additional subscriptions.
  • All-in-one, scalable, manageable and affordable solution for SalesForceDotCom.


  • Provides network agility.
  • Users report minor support issues.
  • Extensive features and a highly configurable system.
  • Easy to integrate with other applications and offers the ability to customize service as per requirements.
  • Offers orchestration and monitoring capabilities.

Versa Networks

  • Provide a feature-rich SD WAN solution with integrated network and security service.
  • Offers multi-tenancy, reporting, configuration and assurance in a single platform.
  • Reliable solution with sound technical support
  • Users report issues regarding scalability and unexpected difficulties and errors during deployment and upgrades.
  • Hardware is delivered via multiple vendors, reducing hardware dependency.

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Products & Services

What are Cradelpoint's Solutions?

  • NetCloud Exchange SD WAN
  • NetCloud Manager
  • NetCloud Private Networks
  • Private Network Endpoints
  • Ericcson Private 5G
  • LTE and 5G Endpoints, including Router firewalls, Cellular adapters, Antennas and Accessories.
  • LTE and 5G Edge, including Vehicles, Fixed Sites, Remote Work and IoT.

What is the Cradlepoint SD WAN Solution?

NetCloud Exchange:

NetCloud is Cradlepoint's SD WAN solution. The NCX SD WAN service delivers SD WAN with a specific focus on traffic optimization over Wireless WANs. Cellular-centric enterprises can enhance their LTE/5G experience while leveraging enhanced SD-WAN, built for wireless scale and simplicity. Organizations can easily improve the quality of experience (QoE) of applications and optimize traffic across hybrid WANs and redundant cellular providers. Cradlepoint's Secure Connect service is a pre-requisite for the NCX SD WAN service. NetCloud Exchange (NCX) is a cloud-native, single pane of glass WAN architecture that integrates advanced SD WAN, security, and 5G — sharing common components, policies, and processes. NCX offers the following services:

  • NCX Service Gateway
  • NCX Secure Connect

Key Capabilities:

  • Restrict user resource access using existing SAML 2.0 identity sources and context, micro-segmentation and explicit access.
  • Simplified set-up, configuration and faster network rollout
  • A single policy engine with granular policies from the policy engine and identity store enables users with differing risk scores to access the appropriate resources without sharing the same network.
  • Application-based policies give administrators granular control and deep visibility into the organizations' applications.
  • Secure connect improves agility and operational efficiency by removing complex network configurations and ensuring deployment across thousands of locations.
  • NCX SD WAN capabilities reside at the network level leveraging shared functions such as visibility into end-to-end traffic flows and profiling of over 3,500 applications.
  • Uses inline traffic to measure application performance rather than using artificial traffic measurements that are less accurate, consume bandwidth and require scheduling
  • NCX SD WAN offers visibility into the cellular Service and can steer traffic to a specific WAN interface, specific provider, or a mix of service providers and interfaces.
  • Centralized cloud management deploys, orchestrates and manages Service Gateway, edge nodes, ZTNA, SD WAN and Secure Connect services. The optional high-availability bundle can add additional resiliency to Service Gateway deployments.


  • Direct Internet Access from sites
  • Leverage invisible network resources to reduce network attack surfaces.
  • The application engine recognizes 3,500+ applications.
  • Service Gateway deployable as a high-availability active/standby cluster
  • Traffic optimization across multiple WAN connections (cellular, wired and Wi-Fi as WAN
  • Large-scale orchestration of Secure Connect tunnels between the Cradlepoint routers and the Service Gateway
  • Service Gateway operates as software on customer-hosted servers, in cloud environments or in virtual infrastructure.
  • Network-wide implementation of application-based policies
  • Allows overlapping IP addresses with Private NAT techniques
  • Creation of networks applying zero-trust principles with secure data plane and policy enforcement and no default network-level access
  • Application performance monitoring down to the individual SaaS data centre
  • Network traffic capture delivering data to NetCloud Manager dashboards
  • Cellular optimization, including inline traffic measurement, carrier-centric traffic steering, and cellular-centric policy criteria

NCX SD WAN Site Specifications:

Site sizeSite RoutersTypical Client CountThroughput

IBR650B, IBR600C/IBR650C, IBR900

510 Mbps


520 Mbps


E100, E102540 Mbps
IBR17003040 Mbps
MediumAER220010040 Mbps
E30050400 Mbps
LargeE3000/R1900100400 Mbps

Cradlepoint NetCloud Service:

NetCloud Manager continuously delivers real-time cloud and device operating software updates to your LTE and 5G endpoints — a comprehensive solution, sold as a subscription, for the new WAN edge.

Initial packages for the following endpoints:

  • Sites (Hybrid WAN)
  • Sites (Overlay Failover)
  • Vehicles
  • IoT
  • Remote Work
  • Private Networks

Sites (Hybrid WAN)


  • Real-Time Troubleshooting Tools & Diagnostics
  • Insights, Alerts & Dashboard Analytics
  • Extensibility (SDK, API, third-party integrations)
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols, Traffic Steering & QoS
  • Zone-Based Firewall & VPN
  • In-Band & Out-of-Band Management
  • Secure Remote Management & Orchestration with NetCloud Manager
  • Location Services
  • Modem-Data-Usage Dashboard & Predictive Alerting


  • Docker Container Support
  • Web Filtering & Threat Management
  • IoT Ecosystem Integration (Microsoft, AWS)
  • Application-Aware Traffic Steering, QoS, Networking & Firewall
  • Cellular Health, Traffic & Security Dashboards

Sites (Overlay Failover)


  • Traffic Steering & QoS
  • Adapter Operating Modes (IP Passthrough, IP Passthrough with Inline Failover, NAT, Captive Modem)
  • Insights, Alerts & Dashboard Analytics
  • Extensibility (SDK, API, third-party integrations)
  • Secure Remote Management & Orchestration with NetCloud Manager
  • Troubleshooting & Diagnostics


  • Real-Time Troubleshooting Tools
  • Customized Failover Report
  • In-Band & Out-of-Band Management
  • Cellular Health & Modem Data-Usage Dashboards



  • Modem-Data-Usage Dashboard & Predictive Alerting
  • Insights, Alerts & Dashboard Analytics
  • Secure Remote Management & Orchestration with NetCloud Manager
  • Extensibility (SDK, API, third-party integrations)
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols, Traffic Steering & QoS
  • Real-Time Troubleshooting Tools & Diagnostics
  • Location Services
  • Zone-Based Firewall & VPN
  • In-Band & Out-of-Band Management


  • Web Filtering & Threat Management
  • Cellular Coverage Map & Location Tracking
  • IoT Ecosystem Integration (Microsoft, AWS)
  • Application-Aware Traffic Steering, QoS, Networking & Firewall
  • Docker Container Support
  • Cellular Health, Traffic & Security Dashboards



  • Secure Remote Management & Orchestration with NetCloud Manager
  • Extensibility (SDK, API, third-party integrations)
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols, Traffic Steering & QoS
  • Zone-Based Firewall & VPN
  • Insights, Alerts & Dashboard Analytics
  • Troubleshooting & Diagnostics


  • Location Services
  • Real-Time Troubleshooting Tools
  • Cellular Health & Modem Data-Usage Dashboards
  • IoT Ecosystem Integration (Microsoft Azure IoT Central)
  • In-Band & Out-of-Band Management

Remote Work


  • Real-Time Troubleshooting Tools & Diagnostics
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Location Services
  • Secure Remote Management & Orchestration with NetCloud Manager
  • Extensibility (SDK, API, third-party integrations)
  • Zone-Based Firewall & VPN
  • Insights, Alerts & Dashboard Analytics
  • In-Band & Out-of-Band Management


  • Application Traffic Dashboard
  • Web Filtering & Threat Management
  • Cellular Health, Modem Data-Usage & Security Dashboards
  • Application-Aware Traffic Steering, QoS, Networking & Firewall

Private Networks


  • IPsec Tunnel Security
  • Third-Party Endpoint & Cellular Client Support
  • Private Cellular Usage Dashboard & Predictive Alerting
  • Private SIM Management
  • Group-Based Configuration & Firmware Management
  • Network RF Planning & Optimization Tool
  • Subscriptions Dashboard for Licensed, Unlicensed & Non-Compliant Devices 
  • Automatic CBRS SAS Integration
Managed, co-managed & DIY services

What managed services solution is supported by Cradlepoint?

Cradlepoint does not offer a managed services solution. Instead, Cradlepoint collaborates with network operators to deliver the products and services required to provide businesses with fully managed Wireless WAN services.

Service providers have the flexibility and scope to deploy and remotely manage a business's solution in a predictable, monthly recurring fashion. They can provide flexible managed services by providing solutions suitable to customers' unique needs, assisted by Cradlepoint's portfolio, including 5G and LTE routers and adapters.

What is the Cradlepoint SASE security solution?

Cradlepoint currently leverages a technology partnership with Palo Alto Networks to integrate NetCloud with Palo Alto Prisma Access to deliver Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) functionality for enterprise wireless WANs. Advanced security technologies such as CASB, ZTNA, SWG and FWaaS are applied when implementing a SASE security model. Though some advanced network and data security technologies are offered by Cradlepoint, as listed here, others are likely offered via partnerships with SASE providers such as Palo Alto Networks.

Cradlepoint's network security solution is NCX Secure Connect. The solution is an alternative to VPN infrastructures to securely connect sites, remote workers, IoT and vehicles. NCX Secure Connect uses undiscoverable network resources to reduce the attack surface and provide any-to-any connectivity. The solution also offers built-in tuinnel orchestration, overlapping IP addressing and name-based routing.

What ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) solution is supported by Cradlepoint?

Cradlepoint's ZTNA solution for 5G/LTE is NetCloud Exchange ZTNA. The solution delivers built-in zero-trust features through Cradlepoint NetCloud and cellular-enabled routers to ensure a granular, efficient and native ZTNA experience. Features include:

  • Automatic trust segments enable granular user resource assignment based on user and network attributes.
  • Root identity store using self-service SAML provides a single user-identity group reducing identity sprawl and complexity.
  • Flexible access methods, including router-based authentication or external access via Windows and Mac clients.
  • Continuous verification of contexts such as device and location reduces user access until the resolution of the anomaly or user identity is reauthenticated.
  • A single shared policy engine for NCX Secure Connect, SD WAN and ZTNA that enables the creation of granular access control policies leveraging context and identity whilst also enhancing performance by removing latency existing between multiple policy engines.

Cradlepoint's solution leverages zero-trust principles to restrict user access to corporate resources, using granular policies, context and identity information to grant access. Connections are built upon authentication and are defined to the appropriate corporate resources rather than providing shared access to network segments. Continuous verification proactively helps to maintain the network security posture. Devices frequently left unprotected can be placed into trust segments using Cradlepoint routers, and access is provided either through agent-based or agentless options.

What CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) solution is supported by Cradlepoint?

Cradlepoint SD WAN allows enterprises to service chain with third-party cloud-delivered security solutions. The company does not offer a CASB solution though its SD WAN enables access to solutions from third-party suppliers to provide a complete security ecosystem.

What SWG (Secure Web Gateway) solution is supported by Cradlepoint?

Cradlepoint supports service chaining with third-party cloud-delivered security solutions to assist in completing the security ecosystem. This can include using Cradlepoint SD WAN to provision access to advanced network security technologies such as Secure Web Gateways (SWGs) or Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs). The Cradlepoint NCX Service Gateway provides policy enforcement capabilities and the secure data plane for their Secure Connect solution and is the service delivery foundation for NCX. The solution enables Secure Connect to orchestrate networks from Cradlepoint routers in sites, remote workers, vehicles and IoT to digital resources in external sites, the data center and in the cloud. The NCX Service Gateway accommodates the engines that support Cradlepoint's SD WAN and security services capabilities at the network level. The gateway can be delivered in a hosted environment or on-premises and is provisioned to be deployable in cloud environments, for virtual infrastructure or downloaded onto a physical server. The NCX Service Gateway is managed similarly to other Cradlepoint solutions and is implemented via Cradlepoint NetCloud.


Funding Rounds

Cloud Security

How does Cradlepoint deliver cloud security?

Cradlepoint shares responsibility for cloud security with its cloud provider, Amazon Web Services. The cloud-native security features offered by Amazon Web Services and supplementary third-party solutions can help customers looking to deploy a Cradlepoint solution to achieve enterprise-grade cloud workload protection. Cradlepoint's cloud services inherit infrastructure security controls from Amazon Web Services and leverage AWS' redundancy, physical security and recovery features. Cradlepoint also incorporates off-site backups, continuous monitoring, multiple availability zones and externally audited data centers.

NetCloud Manager helps maintain cloud security by ensuring that customer data travelling across devices is never sent to the cloud and the confidentiality of customer network configuration data by leveraging encryption-in-transit and encryption-at-rest.
Cloud Access

Cloud Access

Amazon Web Services50
Microsoft Azure25
Google Cloud25
Remote Users

How does Cradlepoint support remote users?

Remote users are supported through Cradlepoint's NetCloud Manager Remote Connect. The service provides native and third-party LAN-connected devices with secure, real-time, remote cloud management.

Features of NetCloud Manager Remote Connect include:

  • LAN Manager using HTTP, VNC, RDP, HTTPS, and SSH protocols to connect to and manage third-party devices on a Cradlepoint network.
  • Enables the use of the local command line interface/console of a Cradlepoint device.
  • Out-of-Band Manager (OOBM) allows devices to be managed remotely through a serial redirector.
  • Leverage NetCloud Manager to securely connect to device user interfaces and consoles without requiring SSH ports.
  • Quick Connect enables rapid connection provisioning LAN devices without creating a profile. 

Global Popularity of Cloud Delivered Services

*Data from 2021
Secure Web Gateway (SWG)31.8%
Disaster Recovery51.7%
Data Storage44%
Platform as a Service (PaaS)47%
Server/Workload Virtualisation53.3%
Applications (Business and Workforce)120.2%
Content Delivery Networks 34.8%

What Reporting and Management is available via the Cradlepoint Portal?

Cradlepoint's NetCloud Manager is included as part of the NetCloud Service. The single-pane-of-glass cloud management and orchestration platform can be accessed via mobile application or browser and is ideal for lean IT teams. Netcloud Manager provides tools for troubleshooting, configuring, operating and deploying Wireless WANs. The Cradlepoint cloud-based management portal offers reporting and management features such as application-aware firewall and traffic optimization capabilities, multi-layered account, group and device dashboards and reporting on cellular health, WAN uptime, ROI, security events, application performance and more.

Other features include:

  • Out-of-band management
  • Secure end-to-end tunnel orchestration
  • Network-wide monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Connect and control devices on the LAN
  • 3-step deployment of a NetCloud Exchange Secure Network
  • Robust alerting, logs and other diagnostic data
  • Integrated speed test with historical results

NetCloud Manager offers zero-touch deployment across thousands of devices, verifiable via a mobile application to ensure successful installation. Administrators can apply policy configuration updates for SD WAN or security en masse and "over the air" firmware updates for Modens and Router Operating Systems (OS). The solution also offers live statistics for LAN and WAN connections, including real-time port (LAN/WAN) and Wi-Fi radio status and statistics, as well as real-time cellular signal strength and quality.

NetCloud Manager offers pre-built integrations with leading vendors, SDK tool kit, orchestration of edge compute applications and comprehensive push and pull APIs. The solution also offers integrated SIM management, including SIM activations, deactivations, suspensions and data plan adjustments. Cellular data plan monitoring and forecasting allow users to apply policies to control data usage and track cellular data usage across routers/adapters and pooled data plans.

NetCloud Manager Regions provides regional hosting in the Americas, Europe and Australia. NetCloud Manager also features location services, such as real-time location and location tracking, as well as granular cellular coverage mapping.

Years Active

Number of years trading

Fortinet 22
Juniper Networks27
Service Level Agreement

What is the Cradlepoint SLA?

Cradlepoint is committed to making operational improvements to its NetCloud Service to ensure its solution is as secure, resilient and scalable as possible.

The Cradlepoint NetCloud Service Level Agreement (SLA) is not publicly available, though it is available on request by contacting the following email:

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