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CyberScale Cybersecurity Solutions

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Founded in 2016, CyberScale Ltd. is a British cybersecurity consultancy company headquartered in Norwich, England. The company offers cyber and information risk management services. CyberScale's product offering consists of three main components: Assessments, Strategy, Training and Implementation. CyberScale's portfolio enables the identification of vulnerabilities, risk management, cybersecurity strategy, vCISO, education and training of employees to deliver a pragmatic cybersecurity strategy.


CyberScale Cybersecurity Solutions: Comparisons, Review, Benefits, Use Cases, Pros & Cons

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Netify Review

CyberScale is recommended for UK SMEs and global enterprises aiming to better understand and wish to improve their cybersecurity posture. Clients can opt for a standard cybersecurity training program or instead choose a training course specifically tailored to the business. Key features of CyberScale's services portfolio are their training courses, vCISO, and security assessments. Due to CyberScale's modest size, their clients can benefit from faster responses and unique customer service not found elsewhere.

CyberScale offers a high degree of flexibility and agility, enabling services to be tailored to specific customer requirements. Their Virtual CISO (vCISO) is a perfect fit for businesses wishing to bridge the gap between IT and Senior Management. Their assessments and training can help businesses of any size understand their attack surface and identify vulnerabilities whilst also raising employees' cybersecurity awareness and providing solid strategies to help mitigate risks.


CyberScale Reviews

"The security assessment conducted for us by CyberScale really helped us understand the gaps in our security and associated risks to our business."

- James Austin, Lexxika

"DOHS supplies consultancy services to the offshore industries and we work with global clients on critical projects where security of all data is paramount. CyberScale recommended to us to review our systems and where appropriate recommend improvements to reduce or mitigate risks.

The review process was in-depth and thorough and the knowledge and impartial advice that we received was first rate. We would highly recommend CyberScale and their team to any small or large companies who want to review and improve their cyber security."

- Nick Oliver, Director, Dave Oliver Hydrographic Services Ltd.

"We're seeing more and more cybercrime in the UK, and it's important that we provide our people with the relevant training.

CyberScale approached this project collaboratively, and really took the time to understand us and the housing sector. We found their employees knowledgeable, and the interactive sessions were exactly what we were looking for."

- Nadine Tapp, Head of Flagship Academy, Flagship Group.

"When we made a business decision to adopt home and remote working arrangments on a permanent basis after initially introducing them due to Covid-19, it was imperative to ensure that the security of data and systems was maintained.

The Home and Remote working security assessment undertaken for us by CyberScale allowed us to gain an independent view of the security implications, along with a clear set of recommendations to address any opportunities for improvement, helping us move forward with full confidence."

- Jamie Hopkins, ICT Manager, Orwell Housing Association Ltd.

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About CyberScale

CyberScale Ltd. is a British cybersecurity consultancy and professional services provider based in Norwich, United Kingdom. Since 2016, the company has offered cyber and information risk management services such as vCISO, policies, risk and security assessments, training and compliance assistance to businesses across various industries. CyberScale's product offering helps enterprises lacking dedicated or sufficiently experienced staff to keep up with current information security, cybersecurity and data security requirements.

CyberScale provides a repeatable and measurable process for improving cyber resilience capabilities and system improvement. CyberScale is headquartered in Norwich, United Kingdom and assists businesses in evaluating the cybersecurity threat environment, tracking cyber risk activities and implementing bespoke cybersecurity risk management and compliance models. 

Pros & Cons

What are the pros and cons of CyberScale Cybersecurity solutions?

Consider the items below when creating your vendor shortlist.


  • Blended learning - The majority of courses are available in-person or remotely
  • Effective at evaluating cybersecurity risk level
  • Efficient courses to help track cybersecurity risk impact and accelerating move to meet compliance standards and frameworks


  • Single training facility based in the United Kingdom
  • Such an approach requires all involved employees to be available simultaneously to undertake training

Comparison: CyberScale vs KnowBe4

Consider the items below when creating your vendor shortlist.


  • vCISO
  • Risk and security assessments
  • UK-based on-site or remote cybersecurity training
  • Bespoke training available that can be tailored to business needs


  • PhishER SOAR platform
  • Free tools
  • Global availability
  • SaaS subscription security awareness training

Cybersecurity and SD WAN

CyberScale Products and Services:

CyberScale's portfolio of cybersecurity services includes Security Assessments, Cloud Security, Security Policies, Security Technology Evaluation and Remote Working Security. Please see below for the services offered:

Professional Services: 

Virtual CISO (vCISO):

For businesses wishing to meet the critical challenge of improving cyber resilience capabilities but facing difficulty due to budget constraints, CyberScale offers a flexible Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). CyberScale works with you to understand your business, track cyber risk activities and establish targets to help you meet your cybersecurity goals. CyberScale vCISO can drive transformative improvements across areas such as:

  • Security frameworks and compliance
  • Policies and processes
  • Executive and staff awareness
  • Technology evaluation
  • Supply chain governance
  • Strategy and role definition
  • On-going awareness and ad-hoc support

Through ongoing commitment, vCISO can develop further and provide strategic support and guidance for the following:

  • Security architecture
  • Security audit and assurance
  • Leadership development
  • Environmental, Social and Governance

Security Assessments:

CyberScale security assessments provide a pragmatic approach to help you spot vulnerabilities, identify risks and discover the needed modifications to ensure the safety of your client and business data. The security assessment enables a holistic view of your current risk management model. It delivers fit-for-purpose recommendations and a roadmap tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

The assessment can be used to assess your business against best practices for your cybersecurity threat environment or can be tailored to meet particular security and compliance standards such as Cyber Essentials, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO 27001, PCI DSS and NIS, amongst others. Using information gathered from workshop sessions, CyberScale can identify and analyse the risks facing your business and create an assessment report and cybersecurity roadmap. The roadmap implementation can be done in-house or with assistance from CyberScale in either a fully-managed or advisory capacity.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning:

The Incident Response Planning (IRP) service includes a workshop for appropriate team members to discuss core components such as Resources, Roles, supporting systems, communication, integration with other plans and training. Creation of an initial draft, reviewed by your team as often as necessary to create the final version for delivery. The initial draft will include supporting process documentation, and high-level process flows.

The next stage will be a plan and process familiarisation session with relevant team members. CyberScale can also build Incident Response Exercises and tailored Incident Response Run Books.

Ransomware Risk Assessment:

The CyberScale ransomware risk assessment is initiated with a complete discovery session to review company information and data. This will include your current position regarding incident management, levels of risk awareness across your teams, and security controls you currently support (process, policies and technical). CyberScale will then deliver a report containing the following:

  • Needed modifications to increase resilience and effectively manage ransomware attacks
  • Key risk areas within your business
  • Additional or enhanced preventative measures recommendations
  • How to raise risk awareness and how to manage risks across your workforce
  • Possible key business impacts, including reputational damage, operational disruption, loss of data, regulatory sanctions and financial costs

Cybersecurity Policies:

Cyberscale also offers the discovery and creation of cybersecurity policies. The first stage is communication with your team and reviewing existing cybersecurity policies and procedures. This enables the most crucial policy requirements to be determined and what policy content is necessary to meet compliance requirements for industry regulations or certifications.

CyberScale will then proceed to produce a report outlining recommended policies in their order of priority as well as a timescale for the creation of each. The order of importance will also define the order in which policy drafts are created for you to review. Once reviewed, a final draft is approved and developed.

Once a policy has been approved, CyberScale can assist in recommending the best approach for implementing each policy appropriately and effectively.

Remote Working Security:

The CyberScale Home and Remote working Security Assessments are divided into four phases: Discovery, Risk identification, Recommendations and Action plan. Discovery involves a review of essential documentation and discussing with your teams for relevant information needed to assess your remote and home working security. This will allow the assessment of technology use, training processes and supporting policies for identifying security risks to home and remote working.

CyberScale will then generate a report outlining the critical risk areas associated with remote working alongside recommendations on mitigating, eliminating or managing the risks. The report and recommendations are then discussed to make an action plan so that you can safely move forward with your home and remote working arrangements.

Cyber Essentials:

The company can assist your business in becoming Cyber Essentials certified, a mandatory requirement for many UK public sector contracts. Cyber Essentials covers:

  • Secure configuration
  • Firewall security
  • Software updates
  • Access control
  • Malware protection

Cyber Essentials can help to mitigate the impact of threats such as:

  • Ransomware
  • Network attacks
  • Malware
  • Password guessing
  • Phishing attacks

ISO 27001:

 CyberScale can assist businesses in becoming compliant with ISO 27001. The ISO 27001 Roadmap includes the following:

  • Discovery workshop
  • Gap analysis
  • Action plan
  • ISO 27001 preparation
  • ISO 27001 Stage 1 Audit
  • ISO 27001 remediation
  • ISO 27001 Stage 2 Audit

The ISO 27001 certification is essential for protecting the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of data and systems. The certificate has many advantages, such as:

  • Assisting with compliance with other regulations such as GDPR
  • Management of data protection and information security risks
  • Improving business trust and reputational enhancement
  • It helps to attract new prospective clients as well as enhance customer retention


Cybersecurity Training:

Training from CyberScale is delivered through scheduled training sessions and workshops. The available training courses include:

  • Cybersecurity Staff Awareness Training
  • Cyber Security Training - Preparing for Cyber Essentials
  • Cyber Security Training - Preparing for ISO 27001 Certification
  • Cybersecurity for Business Owners and Leaders
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning (IRP) Workshop

Bespoke Cybersecurity Training:

CyberScale offer targeted and impactful bespoke cybersecurity training frameworks tailored to specific business needs.

Cybersecurity Staff Awareness Training:

A half-day, interactive workshop for non-technical employees to raise awareness of cybersecurity and provide a deeper understanding of cybersecurity breaches and why they happen. Sessions take place at CyberScale's dedicated training facility. Learning outcomes include:

  • Key types of cyber incidents
  • What cybersecurity is and why everyone is vulnerable
  • How to protect yourself at work and home
  • How to prevent common forms of human error, such as email and password security

Cybersecurity Training for Business Owners and Leaders:

Available as an online or on-premises course. This is a half-day, non-technical cybersecurity training course, including presentation and group exercises, for leaders and business owners to help you better to protect your staff and business from cyber threats. Provides an insight into the key challenges posed by cyber and information security and the practical steps that can be taken to implement a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy appropriate to the business. Learn alongside and collaborate with business leaders facing similar challenges across various industries. Learning outcomes include:

  • Planning your cybersecurity strategy - Key steps
  • Understanding cybersecurity from a business perspective
  • Common mistakes
  • Key risks and business implications
  • Understanding relevant regulations and laws

Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning (IRP) Workshop:

This full-day workshop is available as an online or on-site course. This course aims to help security staff understand the critical elements of cyber resilience and the practical steps to implement a complete cybersecurity incident response plan in your business. An IRP can help improve resilience, as a rapid response to security breaches can help to mitigate:

  • Loss of revenue
  • A personal data breach
  • Reputational damage
  • Loss of systems or data

The outcome of this workshop is to understand the key elements of an effective IRP plan and grow your understanding of how to create and implement a customised Incident Response Plan to fit your business. The workshop is also available as a closed session, providing a narrowed focus on your business needs. Topics covered during the seminar include:

  • Effective evidence collection
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Reviewing existing measures
  • Fast and effective triage
  • Incident response resources
  • Prevention vs resilience
  • Testing and improving your IRP
  • Incident response roles
  • Good communication processes
  • Integration with other processes
  • Involvement of non-technical teams
  • Embedding your IRP into the business

Cybersecurity Training - Preparing for Cyber Essentials:

CyberScale can assist businesses in becoming Cyber Essentials accredited using internal staff resources to prepare them for the certification process. Available as an online or on-premises training course. The course is all-day and is also available as a closed session for a bespoke service to assist you on your accreditation journey. Any suppliers bidding for UK Government contracts that handle personal or specific sensitive information are required to be Cyber Essentials certified.

Best suited to IT managers and staff as an understanding of key technical concepts such as Operating Systems, Networking and Systems Administration is required. The learning outcomes of this course will ensure that your team are prepared for the Cyber Essentials Accreditation process and includes the following:

  • Key elements of Cyber Essentials
  • The background and benefits of Cyber Essentials
  • How to assess your readiness
  • How Cyber Essentials is assessed
  • How to build an implementation plan

Cybersecurity Training - Preparing for ISO 27001 Certification:

Cyberscale can also help companies to become ISO 27001 certified. Available as an online or on-premises training course. The course is all-day and is also available as a closed session. A business may be required to show ISO 27001 certification to a business partner or be used as a framework to help achieve higher security standards within your business. ISO 27001 specifies the requirements of a company when establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

This course will help your team in developing an in-depth understanding of the following as part of the preparation for the ISO 27001 Accreditation process:

  • The background and benefits of ISO 27001
  • How to assess your readiness
  • Key elements of ISO 27001
  • How to build an implementation plan
  • How is ISO 27001 assessed
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