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Menlo Security Cybersecurity Solutions

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The Menlo Security Platform is a Zero Trust web gateway that uses an elastic isolation core to protect users from malicious content. Its three consecutive years of eligibility in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways signals its commitment and ability provide top-notch security services with a high level of global availability (99.9995%), and <100ms latency connection with tier 1 peering across the internet. Menlo Security Zero Trust provides an isolation core that filters all traffic to ensure the security of email, internet and SaaS applications. The solution can be managed through one console for both private data centres as well as public cloud services like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure; it also features elastic edges which allows enterprises level growth without performance issues while keeping its visibility at bay with only light-touch management tools available on premise.


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Cybersecurity and SD WAN

Menlo Security Products and Services:

Menlo Security's solution focuses on cybersecurity utilizing the cloud-native Menlo Security Platform; please see below for products/services offered:

The Menlo Security Isolation-Powered Cloud Platform features the following:

Elastic Isolation Core™:

  • Optimizes for individual user traffic demands and patterns

Session Replay:

  • Browser session visibility
  • Allows security teams to automate data collection and research
  • High-fidelity replays of user browsing sessions
  • Enables identification of potentially compromised data and how threats targeted users
  • Maintains integrity of forensic data through a chain of custody, encryption and secure storage

Document Isolation:

  • Complete visibility into password-protected files
  • Proved protection against weaponized documents and other file-based attacks
  • Renders standard file/document formats into a safe, isolated viewer
  • Rewrites and isolates embedded links within documents
  • File REST API integrates with third-party malware analysis engines and Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) tools
  • Provision of safe PDF versions of original attachments for offline viewing

Read-Only Web:

  • Site access control based on app function, including create, login, search, upload and share
  • Enables safe social media site access
  • Allows the user to log in whilst disabling form-based input and other functionality
  • Preserve native end-user experience within read-only growing sessions whilst remaining isolated from harmful active content
  • Capability can extend to other widely used cloud applications through the use of inline CASB

Malware Detection and Prevention:

  • Protection against browser exploits, multi-stage attacks, drive-by downloaders, malicious web downloads, zero-day browser vulnerabilities and links leading to malicious documents

Phishing Prevention:

  • Proprietary link risk-scoring algorithm
  • Account takeover prevention
  • Credential phishing protection extended to mobile users
  • Customizable banners
  • Prevention of attackers using email accounts to hijack other services
  • Stops attackers from accessing sensitive data in file shares, calendar events, email and contacts
  • Renders links in read-only format to prevent users from inputting credentials into suspicious sites
  • Zero-hour credential phishing protection for websites categorized as benign or unclassified

Data Protection:

  • Detection and prevention of sensitive data exfiltration via data input and file uploads
  • Compliance with regulatory mandates such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and GLBA
  • Data exfiltration prevention by disallowing the copying of content to online file storage and personal email accounts
  • Identify PHI, PII and other sensitive content using hundreds of built-in predefined data classifiers
  • Policy definition to control and detect sharing of Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) labelled documents
  • Prevention of attempts to upload sensitive data to both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps


  • Automation and tools to augment security operations to respond, triage and investigate email attacks

SSL Termination:

  • Security at scale whilst enabling high-performance, low-latency user experience
  • Cloud-native architecture provides autoscaling SSL/TLS inspection
  • Inspection of encrypted web traffic for data loss, advanced threats and malware

Zero-Day Protection:

  • Cloud-based disposable virtual containers to execute active content such as Flash or JavaScript
  • Isolates all content through assumed risk without affecting user experience
  • Protection against zero-day browser vulnerabilities through remote browser isolation
  • Zero-day attack forensics via iSOC feed, insights and browser recorder/session replay
  • Browser isolation renders malware-free, non-executable content almost identical to the native experience

API and Verified Integrations:

  • Policy, RESTful, Content and Logging APIs

Third-Party Integration Categories:

  • SIEM, SSO, SOAR, SD-WAN/SASE, CDR, MDM, AV, Firewall, Sandbox, Proxy, Custom

Elastic Edge:

  • Global presence
  • <100ms latency connections with Tier 1 peering
  • Meets compliance requirements for ISO 27001, FedRAMP and SOC 2 with third-party audits
  • Auto-scaling
  • On-demand scaling to support new user populations
  • Cloud Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • SSL termination for all sessions by default
  • Five 9s availability with a highly redundant cloud-native architecture
  • Bring Your Own Certificate for customer-specific certificates
  • Multi-tenant layer-7 firewall to steer and manage non-HTTP outbound connections

Cloud Connect:

  • SD-WAN integration
  • SAML, IP-based, X-headers
  • IPSec, Proxy Chaining, Firewall Integration, PAC, Transparent Proxy, GRE, Prepend
  • Policy enforcement via user authentication
  • Menlo Connect endpoint agent
  • Flexible traffic steering and ingress routing
  • MDM integration for mobile devices

Secure Web Gateway (SWG):

  • Granular policy control, including IP, group and user
  • User interaction limits for over 75 categories of websites
  • Utilize Menlo Query language to create custom queries
  • Use API to third-party SIEM and BI tools to export log data
  • Integrated status and dynamic file analysis using anti-virus, file reputation check and sandboxing
  • Custom and built-in queries for flexible exploration and analysis of data
  • Content risk inspection and malicious behaviour detection of downloaded original documents
  • Built-in traffic analysis
  • Built-in custom reports and alerts with detailed event logs
  • Up to one-year flexible data retention periods
  • Upload/download controls and document access controls, including view-only, safe or original downloads based on file type
  • Protection against known and unknown threats in documents by removing executable content through integrations with existing third-party content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), sandboxing and anti-virus solutions
  • Enhance the user experience by enabling user/group policies to control bandwidth in low-latency, high-bandwidth environments predictably

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI):

  • Routes all online traffic through a remote cloud-based browser
  • Zero-trust solution treats all content as malicious
  • Elastic scaling to support shifting traffic volumes and any number of employees
  • Enables work-from-anywhere by supporting SaaS-based applications, business tools, remote web browsing and online documents
  • Granular control and visibility of policies, including by file type, user, group or website category, to determine what content is read-only, blocked or safe as original content

Email Isolation:

  • Email link isolation
  • Optional read-only access to websites
  • Attachment isolation
  • Optional safe or original attachment download
  • Anti-phishing awareness training
  • Integrates with existing email infrastructure, including native integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
  • Anti-virus document scan and sandbox options

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB):

  • Integrates with third-party CASB solutions
  • Leveraging deep insights into SaaS application traffic to ensure compliance
  • Granular policy control for SaaS applications

Data Loss Prevention (DLP):

  • Restrict documents from being uploaded to the internet
  • Enhanced visibility for on-premises solutions
  • Integrations with third-party DLP solutions for both cloud-based and on-premises DLP

Menlo Private Access (MPA):

  • Zero Trust Network Access
  • 9995% Global availability
  • <100ms latency connections with tier 1 peering

Cloud Firewall/Firewall as a Service (FWaaS):

  • Software-based
  • Cloud hosted
  • Delivers security controls for all ports and protocols, users and locations

Isolation Security Operations Center (iSOC):

  • Threat intelligence, including compromised sites, malware access and zero-hour fishing
  • Assists in fine-tuning custom policies
  • Rectify vulnerabilities created by policy changes to provide prioritized and proactive alerts
  • Threat monitoring of global internet traffic routing through the Menlo Global Cloud


  • Implement Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • SaaS application access control
  • Virtual network separation
  • Remote work security
  • Phishing and ransomware protection
  • Data loss prevention
  • Mobile malware prevention
  • Migration of on-premise proxy to Cloud SWG
  • Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 security
  • Private application security
  • Malicious document download prevention
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