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NEC Corporation is a multinational IT and electronic services provider founded in 1899 and headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. NEC provides IT solutions in both the private and public sector, helping customers to launch new services. The company create value for customers through value chain innovation, utilizing ICT assets such as IoT and AI. NEC provides network control platform systems and operating services for operations management, along with equipment for network implementation. NEC leverages a wealth of experience in large-scale network implementation and strong technical capabilities.


NEC Cybersecurity Solutions: Comparisons, Review, Benefits, Use Cases, Pros & Cons

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Cybersecurity and SD WAN

NEC Products and Services:



  • Industry Standard Servers - "Express5800"
  • NEC SAP HANA Offering
  • NEC HPC Solutions
  • Business Computers
  • Thin Client Solution

Data Storage and Security:

  • NEC Storage HS
  • NEC Information Assessment System
  • Hydrastor Nakivo VM Data Protection Appliance
  • SAN & Scale-Out Grid Storage Solutions
  • Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Embedded Systems:

  • EMI Suppression Support Tool (EMIStream)
  • Power Integrity Design Support Tool (PIStream)
  • LSI Design Tool (CyberWorkBench)

Network Products:

  • Converged Packet Optical Transport System
  • Fiber Optic Devices
  • IoT Platform Software "CONNEXIVE"
  • Mobile Backhaul "PASOLINK"
  • Optical Fiber Sensing
  • Submarine Systems
  • Traffic Management Solution
  • User Data Utilization Platform "NC7000-3A"
  • Session Border Controllers and Gateways
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Ethernet Switches


  • IoT Platform Software "CONNEXIVE"
  • Comprehensive Solution for File Server Management "NIAS"
  • ERP Solution "IFS Applications"
  • ERP Solution for the Process Manufacturers "FlexProcess"
  • Integrated Administration Software Suite "MasterScope"
  • Product Lifestyle Management "Obbligato"
  • SaaS Solutions
  • Service Execution Platform "WebOTX"
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration "UNIVERGE SV9000 Series"
  • SDN - Network Operation Engine
  • Masterscope Business Operation and Management Software Suite
  • Software Assurance

Unified Communications:

Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

  • SL2100
  • NEC Meeting Center


  • NEC Meeting Center
  • Business ConneCT
  • UC for Enterprise


IP Phones

  • GT890
  • DT900 Series
  • DT900S Series
  • DT800 Series
  • GT210

Digital Phones

  • DT500 Series
  • DT400 Series

Analog Phones

  • AT-55/AT-50


  • ST500
  • SP350
  • DECT handsets


  • GT890 CHS App
  • Smart Workspace
  • Smart Hospitality
  • SMB InApps
  • SMB VAM Solution
  • SMB Contact Center

Phones and Handsets:

  • Desktop Phones
  • DECT Handsets
  • Softphones


  • Thin Client Terminals

Business Communications:

SMB Phone Systems


Cloud Communications


Enterprise UC Platforms


Solutions & Services:

  • 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Cloud
  • Display and Digital Signage
  • DX Design Consulting Service
  • Safety
  • Smart City

N.B. Product/service availability may differ dependant on country and/or region.

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