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Secured Communications

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Secured Communications offer a granular encrypted instant messaging solution designed to protect intellectual property.


Secured Communications Cybersecurity Solution: Comparisons, Review, Benefits, Use Cases, Pros & Cons

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Netify Review

Secured Communications are a good choice for SMEs and large enterprises requiring a secure encrypted internet communications platform. The Mercury solution offers clients three options for deployment, each leveraging multiple different encryption technologies, including the first commercial deployment of Messaging Layer Security (MLS) encryption. With the platform available in any country with an internet connection, Mercury by Secured Communications is suitable for a wide variety of businesses in many locations worldwide. 

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About Secured Communications

Secured Communications specializes in creating encrypted communications platforms for businesses worldwide. Founded in 2015, their headquarters is located in Nevada, North America but they also leverage offices in London, United Kingdom and Australia. The company caters for businesses, public safety and counter terrorism professionals globally. 

Pros & Cons

What are the pros and cons of the Secured Communications platform?

List of the pros and cons associated with the Secured Communications platform.


  • The industry’s first commercial deployment of Messaging Layer Security (MLS). 
  • Caters for small, medium and large enterprises. 
  • Provides guest access with no need to download an application (can be accessed via a web browser).
  • Unlimited file size sharing.


  • Users with poor bandwidth and/or older devices may experience limited performance on video calls in Ultra-Secure Mode. 
  • If you are a large adopter of other major platforms such as Zoom or Teams, Secured Communications will compliment these platforms but will not necessarily replace them straight away. 

Mercury Workspace Key Features:

The Mercury Platform is the first communications solution to implement Messaging Layer Security (MLS) on a commercial scale. It leverages Asynchronous Ratcheting Tree (ART), AES 256-bit audio and video encryption, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, TLS encryption, Perfect-Post Compromise Security (PCS) and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) encryption protocols to encode messages, file sharing, calls and video conferencing. The platform also comes with secure data archiving options, options for public, password protected and private meetings, secure custom links for instant meetings and zero-trust verification for participants. 

The solution offers Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to securely access the Mercury platform using either face ID, touch ID or portable security devices. Clients can access the platform from any authorized web browser and those with Apple iPhones can download it as an application from the App Store (there is currently no application for Android users, however they can still access Mercury via a browser). Guest users have the option to access Mercury via a browser, with no need to download an application. Further, encryption keys are only held by clients and Secured Communications does not scalp or sell client’s data. 

Hosts can choose who can access a group, authorizing individual browsers and devices. They are also able to lock meetings, videos and screen shares, mute audio and remove unwanted participants. The platform offers clients full screen and gallery view, allowing messenger groups to be operated whilst in a video call. 

The Mercury platform offers HD audio and video, with one-click group video huddles, online or call-in audio options, integrated toll call-in audio, toll-free number options (upgrade) and call-in lines for the USA, UK and Australia. Capable of syncing on mobile and desktop, simplistic controls to create new groups and direct messages, direct message within a group, rich text editor for messaging, limitless file size sharing, an intuitive administrative portal, screen and window sharing for all participants, options to record meetings, full screen and gallery view (allows for messaging whilst on call), active speaker indicator, unlimited time for meetings and integration with Outlook/Google Calendar. 


Funding Rounds

Key Features

Secured Communications Products and Services:

The Mercury platform is offered in three different tiers, each aimed at catering for different company sizes:

Mercury Workspace: As the most basic offering, Mercury Workspace includes secured file sharing and messaging (rich text, threading, messaging layer security), unlimited file size sharing (includes the ability to view copied and pasted files and webpages in full format on messages without the need to open a link), device management (select and authorize which user devices and web browsers can access Mercury Workspace), biometric Multi Factor Authorization (MFA), secured sandbox, complimentary guest licenses and access to Mercury Vault (500GB/Agency). Price: £15/seat/month billed annually. 

Mercury Enterprise: Includes all the same features from Mercury Workspace, as well as encrypted video huddles (with video screen sharing in high definition 2K), video conferencing (with up to 300 participants), video and messaging collaboration, user provisioning, additional admin, access to Mercury Vault (2TB/Agency), customer service available 24/7, complimentary onboarding and support and a 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA. Price: £30/seat/month billed annually. 

Enterprise: Fortune 100: Focused towards large enterprises with complex international and regulatory requirements. The solution includes everything from Mercury Enterprise, plus: custom integration options, enterprise-grade security and governance, advanced reporting and analytics, multi-level permissions, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), unlimited message archive, automations and integrations and premium levels of support. Price on application. 

Security Threats

Enterprise Encryption Platforms

*statistics from 2020

Deploys encryption across a majority/all of internet communications56%
Partially deploys encryption across internet communications 27%
Deploys encryption sparsely or not at all17%
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