T h e M P L S A s s e s s m e n t

All you have to do is take our short assessment quiz to get a list of personalised MPLS recommendations based on the unique needs of your organisation. Answer 10 questions and find out which solutions meet the needs of your business across Gartner leaders, niche players and startups.


As an IT decision maker, comparing and evaluating the MPLS market is challenging and time consuming.

Here's how it works:

1. Answer a few questions about your business needs
2. Receive your free top 3 match report including analysis covering why each solution is matched to your business
3. Compare your top choices on the Netify marketplace

* The tool is not available to consultancies. If you are completing research for a customer, please get in touch.


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Question 1

This is first of 10 questions. Answer each question as accurately as possible and the Netify logic will shortlist MPLS providers which meet your needs. Let’s get started. Which option best describes your view of MPLS?

Answer a handful of questions and Netify will create your MPLS vendor shortlist.

Answer 8 questions, let Netify logic analyse and display which MPLS vendors fit your specific needs. We created this quiz using the most important areas IT teams typically consider when comparing vendor solutions.

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