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What is SOGEA? (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access)

Why do you need to know about SOGEA?

SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) replaces legacy traditional phone lines+FTTC into a digital line+FTTC. This means the new name for FTTC is SOGEA because SOGEA includes FTTC access as part of the product. Whereas previously you would sell a line+FTTC, you can now sell SOGEA with Cloud Voice Express (or stand-alone if the customer no longer needs to retain their number or make landline style calls).

Openreach are disconnecting the old phone line infrastructure because the technology used within their network is becoming digital only. Openreach have already started to switch off their older technology.

Once the legacy landline is converted to SOGEA (or a new SOGEA line is installed), there is no longer a dial-tone so your customer will not be able to make calls. The digital line is there only to support the Broadband and no longer supports making calls.SOGEA diagram-2

The above diagram shows the FTTC service removed from old equipment within the BT Exchange - the line is move to new digital termination equipment at the same Exchange.

What if your customer wants to make calls and retain their existing phone number?

If your customer wishes to retain their phone number and make calls, they will need to upgrade their service to a Cloud Voice Express SOGEA bundle - please request the latest bundle offers from Netify.

What if the customer no longer needs their phone number?

If your customer no longer requires a landline style service, perhaps because they use their mobile, you can sell a stand-alone SOGEA service without the Cloud Voice element. Stand-alone services (i.e. not in a bundle) are known as SOLUS. All SOLUS services (SOGEA or FTTP) are available on 5 year contract terms which increases your commission payments - see this article here.