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SD-WAN for Healthcare Resources

Find the right SD-WAN & SASE Network Security solution for the Healthcare sector.

Netify helps IT decision makers understand which SD-WAN and SASE Network Security solution is matched to your Healthcare business. Use our free compare the market comparison tools to create your own unique shortlist.

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Understanding SD-WAN for Healthcare: Key Considerations

When selecting an SD-WAN solution for your healthcare organisation, it's vital to evaluate various factors to ensure the best fit for your needs. Our SD-WAN Mindmap serves as an invaluable resource for IT decision-makers, providing a comprehensive framework to assess and compare different SD-WAN providers. It addresses essential aspects such as performance, security, scalability, cost, and vendor support. By following this structured approach, you can simplify the decision-making process and choose the most appropriate SD-WAN solution to enhance your healthcare operations.

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Vendor Briefings

Book your free SD-WAN for Healthcare Vendor Briefing session over Microsoft Teams.

Book your free Netify SD-WAN Vendor Briefing to explore the SD-WAN landscape tailored for the healthcare sector. Our research team will ask questions related to your organisation, followed by an overview of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SD-WAN, and how various vendors and providers can meet your needs. This session is conducted over Microsoft Teams for your convenience.

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Compare the Market

The Netify SD-WAN Marketplace can be utilised by the healthcare sector to evaluate vendors and service providers. Key factors to consider include high-bandwidth support for telemedicine and cloud-based applications, seamless integration of IoT medical devices, network resilience, edge computing capabilities, secure remote site connectivity, branch-office security, and compliance with healthcare industry standards. This tool ensures that healthcare organisations select the most appropriate SD-WAN solution to meet their unique needs and regulatory requirements​.

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The Netify SD-WAN Marketplace can be used by the manufacturing sector to evaluate vendors and service providers. Understand key factors, which include high-bandwidth support for industrial applications, seamless IoT device integration, network resilience, edge computing capabilities, secure remote site connectivity, branch-office security, and compliance with industry standards. 

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Netify Professional Services for the Healthcare sector

How Our Research Team Can Assist Your Healthcare Business with SD-WAN Vendor and Managed Service Provider Selection

Our dedicated research team is here to guide healthcare organisations through the intricate landscape of SD-WAN vendors and managed service providers. Here’s how we can help:

Tailored Vendor Evaluations

We conduct thorough evaluations of SD-WAN vendors, focusing on critical healthcare requirements:

  • Bandwidth Support: Ensuring sufficient capacity for telemedicine, cloud-based electronic health records (EHRs), and other essential applications.
  • IoT Integration: Facilitating seamless integration of medical IoT devices to ensure efficient and secure operations.
  • Network Resilience: Identifying solutions that guarantee continuous operation and data integrity, vital for patient care.
Compliance and Security

We understand the stringent compliance and security needs in healthcare:

  • HIPAA Compliance: Ensuring vendors adhere to necessary standards to protect patient information.
  • Data Security: Evaluating security measures such as data encryption, intrusion prevention, and advanced firewalls to safeguard sensitive health data.
Market Clarity

Our team provides clarity in the SD-WAN market by:

  • Comparative Analysis: Offering detailed comparisons of vendors and their offerings, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in the context of healthcare needs.
  • Managed Services Insights: Providing insights into managed service providers who offer ongoing support and management.
Addressing Healthcare-specific Challenges

We address the unique challenges faced by the healthcare sector:

  • Remote Site Connectivity: Ensuring reliable and secure connections for remote clinics, telehealth services, and mobile healthcare units.
  • Edge Computing: Leveraging edge computing to process data closer to its source, improving response times and reducing latency in critical healthcare applications.

By leveraging our research team's expertise, your healthcare organisation can make well-informed decisions, ensuring you choose the best SD-WAN solution tailored to your specific needs and regulatory requirements. This approach enhances operational efficiency, improves patient care, and ensures robust security for your healthcare network.

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