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What are the latest Meraki products?

Meraki is a cloud-based network provider with products that include wireless, switching and security, allowing enterprises to build scalable yet secure networks via their cloud dashboard, which allows for configuring all devices and features. Meraki technology offerings comprise the following three product categories; Platform, Access and Security & IoT.

What are the latest Meraki products?

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Compare the SD-WAN Market

The platform consists mainly of the cloud networking dashboard, which powers Meraki’s entire catalogue of products. The cloud dashboard is accessible from any device and is known for its ease of use. From the Meraki portal, customers manage the licences required for every device to function. Licences are available in one, three, five, seven and ten year options.

Another benefit of the dashboard is increased visibility, which allows for advanced network monitoring, including access, data flow and device health.

Hardware Access Points:

Meraki’s APs provide customers with high-performing wireless connection with features including Layer 7 application QoS, traffic shaping and enterprise-level security from built-in Umbrella DNS.

The newest models, CW9162, CW9164 and CW9166, are capable of high-performance WiFi 6E. With the rest all supporting WiFi 6. Meraki Health provides insights with automatic remediation powered by machine learning to avoid potential issues and rectify them before they impact an area.

Security Appliances:

The Meraki MX product line is a complete networking and security solution to make networks faster and more efficient without compromising security and manageability. Security features include; content filtering, antivirus, anti-phishing and IDS/IPS.

Also available as a virtual appliance, vMX, with support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud.

Switches: Compact - MS120-8, MS120-8LP, MS120-8FP, MS220-8 and MS220-8P Stackable (Each is available with either 24 or 48 ports with or without PoE) - MS120-24, MS120-48, MS125-24, MS125-48, MS210-24, MS210-48, MS225-24, MS225-48, MS250-24, MS250-48, MS350-24, MS350-48, MS355-24X, MS355-48X, MS355-24X2, MS355-48X2, MS390-24 and MS390-48. Distribution - MS410-16, MS410-32, MS425-16, MS425-32 and MS450-12.

Built to integrate with the rest of the Meraki product line seamlessly, the MS devices are easy to configure, allowing for simple deployment and future scaling. The industry’s first cloud-managed switch combines the benefits of cloud-based centralised management with Cisco’s robust yet reliable network access platform.

Customers benefit from cloud computing which includes simplified management and reduced complexity at a lower cost than other industry leaders.

Each device is available with or without PoE and with either 24 or 48 ports.

Security Cameras: MV12N, MV2, MV12W, MV12WE, MV22, MV22X, MV32, MV52, MV72 and MV72X.

Adding to the feature-rich product line, Meraki Security Cameras are ideal for monitoring office buildings and inside your data centres.

Cloud Managed Sensors: MT30, MT20, MT14, MT12, MT11 and MT10.

In some scenarios, a security camera isn’t sufficient when it comes to the physical monitoring of a location.

The last thing you want in a data centre is high temperatures or humidity. With Meraki Sensors, admins can configure alerts to inform employees once these potentially damaging factors reach a defined threshold. Meraki goes beyond hardware and offers software products, mainly SD-WAN and SASE.

Meraki SD-WAN can provide customers with a secure SD-WAN fabric allowing them to progress away from legacy MPLS effortlessly. Meraki vMX is the virtual instance of one of their security and SD-WAN appliances, enabling easy extension into the public cloud.

Cisco SD-WAN supports AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, and Cisco NFVIS. Cisco SD-WAN is optimised for multi-cloud and supports any deployment via any mode of transport. The Cisco Talos team are some of the world’s most sought-after security researchers and engineers, dedicated to helping defend customers whilst uncovering new vulnerabilities.

Cisco Umbrella is their flexible, fast and easy-to-manage cybersecurity offering. The product includes DNS-layer security, a secure web gateway, a cloud access security broker and application-aware firewall functionality. Deployment of Meraki devices is one of the easiest in the network industry.

Ease of deployment is something that Cisco Meraki strives to achieve. As long as your device is licensed, the process is simple. It is important to remember that Meraki devices all need a license to work. Customers have the choice of two licenses, enterprise and advanced.

An enterprise license allows for cloud-based management and 24/7 support; prices start at $150 for one year, $300 for three years and $450 for five years. The advanced license gives user’s the features of enterprise as well as integrated Umbrella DNS and adaptive policy automated segmentation. One year costs $300, three years for $600 and five years for $900.

Customers can transfer licenses when upgrading to a similar device. Access points range from $300 to $2257. Switches from $784 for an MS120-8 (8 port GigE) to $22,077 for MS425-32 (32 port 10G SFP+). They also supply IoT devices, particularly smart cameras, which start at $699.

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