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Which SD-WAN Vendor for Virgin Media Business?

Which SD-WAN Vendor for Virgin Media Business?

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Compare the SD-WAN Market

There are 4 SD-WAN & SASE vendor choices which we believe align well with the UK capability of Virgin Media.

  1. Versa SD-WAN and SASE: Default option for Virgin Managed Services with all-round SD-WAN and SASE capability.
  2. Meraki SD-WAN and SASE: Companies might select Meraki for its integration of CCTV and Wi-Fi capability with full WAN and LAN capabilities.

  3. Fortinet SD-WAN and SASE: Businesses may opt for Fortinet for its advanced security features, high performance ASIC hardware  and scalable network architecture.

  4. VeloCloud SD-WAN and SASE: VeloCloud is a preferred choice for companies seeking a cloud-optimised networking solution.

As some readers will know, Versa Networks is the default option for Virgin customers with managed services needs but there are a number of customers with existing SD-WAN vendor edge hardware which prohibits the business from opting for Versa.

Below: Versa, Meraki, Fortinet and VeloCloud are deployed using Virgin Internet underlay services.

Virgin Media SD-WAN Network Solutions Features
Virgin Leased Lines High-Speed Internet: Up to 10Gbps standard speeds and options for up to 100Gbps
Speed and Reliability: Symmetrical upload and download speeds with a service availability of 99.995%
Dedicated Connection: A private internet connection for consistent performance
Security: Options for enhanced security measures, including Next Generation Firewalls
Virgin Broadband Services Voom Gig1: 1000Mbps download and 100Mbps upload speeds, dynamic or 5 static IPs
Voom 400: 400Mbps download and 40Mbps upload speeds, dynamic IP
Voom 600: 600Mbps download and 60Mbps upload speeds, dynamic or 1 static IP
Essential 100: 100Mbps download, 10Mbps upload speeds, dynamic IP

Virgin Media Business and Versa Networks SD-WAN

Versa Networks' SD-WAN capability is recognised for their multi-tenancy capabilities, which segregates and manages network resources across departments or branches within an organisation. The Versa network segregation feature is suited to businesses that operate on a large scale or have multiple operational units.

The deployment flexibility of Versa Networks means their solution is often deployed across businesses at different growth stages or with various network demands. Virgin have deployed Versa for this reason as the cost-effective nature means there is alignment with the SME market but also, there are advanced feature capability for larger Enterprise businesses.

Versa fully integrates Virgin underlay and security functions in one easy to consume solution. Their integrated approach helps businesses consolidate their network infrastructure and reduce the complexity associated with managing multiple standalone products.

In terms of WAN Edge Routing, Versa Networks virtualised network functions (VNFs) are deployed on their cost-effective commodity appliances. This method offers a budget-friendly alternative to traditional hardware-based routing solutions, which again ensures their is a good ROI for businesses moving from more costly solutions such as MPLS or VPLS.

Virgin Media Business SD-WAN connectivity options, range from 4G to Ethernet, with bandwidth options up to 5Gbps. This flexibility allows businesses to optimise their network based on specific requirements.

Virgin Media Business and Versa Networks SASE Security

Versa Networks' SASE solution integrates networking and security functions into a single Virgin product. The solution is combined with Virgin to consolidate network security functions across firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention systems with SD-WAN capabilities.

The SASE solution from Versa Networks is designed with agility and cost efficiency as the primary solution objective. Versa SASE offers multi-tenancy, multiple services, elasticity, and zero-touch provisioning, which are essential for businesses requiring a consolidated SD-WAN and Cybersecurity offering.

If you're already a Virgin Media Business customer, the integration of Versa Networks' SD-WAN and SASE solutions can offer significant value. Virgin Media Business provides an end-to-end SD-WAN service, partnering with Versa Networks to deliver a comprehensive package that includes both the network underlay and software overlay. This partnership ensures efficient deployment and a cohesive service, eliminating the complexities often associated with managing connectivity, hardware, and software from different suppliers.

Versa alignment with Virgin Media Internet Services

Virgin Media Business and Versa Networks SD-WAN Mindmap

Versa Feature

Alignment with Virgin Media Internet Services

Simplified Networking and Security Integration

Virgin Media high-speed internet benefits from Versa's convergence of networking and security.

Robust and Adaptive Infrastructure

Virgin Media's reliable internet infrastructure can be optimised using Versa's infrastructure to support mission-critical applications.

Operational Efficiency through Automation

Virgin Media's network operation efficiency can be enhanced by Versa's automated and centralised network management capabilities.

Scalable Architecture

Versa's scalable architecture aligns with Virgin Media’s broadband and leased lines - businesses can scale their network infrastructure as they grow.

Hardware-Agnostic, Standards-Based Solution

Versa’s hardware-agnostic approach complements Virgin Media's flexible internet solutions.

Integrated Security and Networking on the Same Stack

Virgin Media's internet services can leverage Versa's integrated security and networking - cybersecurity is enhanced.

Full Suite of Network Security Capabilities

Versa's comprehensive security suite offers deep protection of Virgin Media’s broadband and leased line connections. This includes secure access to cloud applications and remote work solutions.

Advanced Security for Growing Attack Surface

Virgin Media's internet solutions can benefit from Versa's advanced security features to mitigate increased cyber risks for remote workers.

Embedded Security Functions in Network Stack

Versa’s security functions integrate deeply into the network stack to provide enhanced security for Virgin Media’s internet connections, including hybrid working environments.

Rapid Deployment and Easy Integration

Versa's solutions support quick deployment and integration to streamline the setup process.

Cost-Efficiency in Security and Operations

Versa's solutions offer cost-reductions so complement the cost-effectiveness of Virgin Media's internet offerings.

Virtual Routing Solution for Managed Services

Versa's virtual routing can enhance the performance and flexibility of Virgin Media's internet services - this is especially for service providers and large enterprises.

Customised Services with Virtual Routing

Versa's customisable virtual routing services provide businesses using Virgin Media's internet solutions flexibility.

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership

Versa's routing solutions help Virgin Media’s services to reduce the total cost of ownership through centralised management and reduced hardware dependency.

Work-From-Home Solutions

Virgin Media's broadband services, that are enhanced with Versa secure access solutions offer secure connectivity for remote workforces.

Zero Trust Network Access for Secure Remote Work

Versa’s Zero Trust approach aligns with Virgin Media’s secure internet services to provide enhanced security for remote and hybrid working models.

Virgin Media and Cisco Meraki SD-WAN

Cisco Meraki's SD-WAN solution is recognised for a comprehensive approach to managing wide area networks that can be beneficial for Virgin Media Business customers. The Meraki solution provides access for users connecting users to both public and private cloud environments or data centres. The integration of SD-WAN with  security options (both on-premises and cloud-based) aligns well with the varied security needs of Virgin Media Business clients.

The Meraki analytics feature is powered by machine learning to provide deep insights into application performance across network segments. This is essential for Virgin Media Business customers who require consistent monitoring and optimisation of network performance. Meraki is known for ease of use, demonstrated by the three-clicks-to-secure SD-WAN feature, simplifying network security across Virgin Broadband and Leased Lines. Meraki also offers the ability to build resilient connectivity through integrated wired, cellular WAN, switching, and Wi-Fi, and to optimise traffic over all available paths.

Meraki is backed by Cisco Talos for security, offering comprehensive protection against a range of cyber threats. Talos is great for Virgin Media Business customers that prioritise advanced security measures. The integration of advanced layer-7 firewall protection, Cisco AMP, DLP, and other security features further enhances Virgin's network defence capabilities. The ML-powered insights for application experience degradation offer Virgin Media Business customers a proactive approach to maintaining optimal network performance.

Virgin Media and Cisco Meraki SASE Security

Cisco+ Secure Connect offers secure connectivity that is particularly beneficial for Virgin Media Business customers with a hybrid workforce. The solution is focussed on building greater network resiliency and strengthening security posture aligns with the security and operational needs of for Virgin customers. The ability to safely connect users across any service point ensures secure access in various operational environments, a key requirement for businesses with distributed workforces with remote access.

The unified IT experience provided by Cisco+ Secure Connect simplifies the management of network security and connectivity, reducing the complexity typically associated with these tasks. The dynamic and resilient network created by the solution secures the hybrid workforce via a single solution on a unified platform to improve the security posture with continuous visibility into threats.

Meraki with Virgin offers a simplified path to SASE to unite networking and security delivered from the cloud in a single solution making the transition to SASE accessible for Virgin Media Business customers. The scalability and ease of deployment is backed by Cisco Meraki's global network partners to ensure that the solution can support a wide range of network sizes and complexities. The enhanced security and productivity includes faster onboarding of remote workers and secured access for all applications across multiple locations, are a great fit for Virgin Media Business customers looking to improve their network security and operational efficiency in a hybrid working environment.

Virgin Media Business and Meraki SD-WAN Mindmap

Cisco Meraki Feature

Alignment with Virgin Media Internet Services


Virgin Media's broadband and leased line services are optimised by using Cisco Meraki’s network resiliency and bandwidth efficiency.

Dual-Active VPN Uplinks

Cisco Meraki SD-WAN enhances Virgin Media's broadband and leased lines by allowing concurrent VPN tunnels for enhanced connectivity.

Policy-Based Routing

Virgin Media's diverse internet offerings are improved  by Cisco Meraki SD-WAN by the prioritisation of the VPN paths based on traffic types.

Dynamic Path Selection

Virgin Media's network can dynamically select the best path based on performance criteria when integrated with Cisco Meraki

Performance Probes

Cisco Meraki SD-WAN can analyse Virgin Media's network conditions to optimise path usage for each traffic flow.

Failover Times

Cisco Meraki provides quick recovery and minimal disruption on Virgin Media's network during failovers.

Tunnel Recovery

Enhances the resilience of Virgin Media's internet services by re-establishing VPN tunnels automatically.

OSPF Route Advertisement

Compatible with Virgin Media's routed network modes for advertising routes to VPN subnets.

Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway

Integrates between Cisco Meraki and Virgin Media's broadband provides deep security, including DNS Security, Secure Web Gateway, etc.

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Virgin Media's DIA is secured by Cisco's SASE solutions to ensure robust cloud security.

Cisco AnyConnect

Cisco Meraki SASE enhances security for users on Virgin Media's network with VPN access and advanced security modules.

Duo Network Gateway

Cisco Meraki SASE  is ideal for use with Virgin Media's services to enforce secure access to on-premises applications.

Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (SIG)

Cisco Meraki SASE unifies SWG, firewall, DNS-layer security to deliver robust security to Virgin Media services.

DNS Security

Integrated security from Cisco Meraki SASE secures Virgin Media's internet services by blocking malicious requests at DNS and IP layers.

Secure Web Gateway

Cisco Meraki SASE delivers content filtering and advanced threat protection over Virgin Media's network.

Cloud-Delivered Firewall (CDFW)

Cisco Meraki SASE  adds layers of security and intrusion prevention to Virgin Media services.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Manages and secures cloud application usage on Virgin Media's network.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Sensitive data flowing through Virgin Media's internet services is protected using Cisco Meraki SASE.

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Layers of protection to prevent access to risky websites are added to Virgin Media's broadband services by integrating with Cisco Meraki SASE.

Cisco Secure Access by Duo

Zero-trust security is enforced on Virgin Media's network to ensure secure access control.

Cisco Secure Endpoint

Cisco Meraki SASE provides endpoint protection across Virgin Media's network services.

Integration between Umbrella and Meraki

Cisco Meraki SASE ensures comprehensive protection for devices on Virgin Media's network.

Cisco SecureX

Offers unified visibility and control across Cisco security technologies on Virgin Media's network. From this deep integration a streamlined approach to security management, that fit with Virgin Media's commitment to reliable and secure internet services is assured.

Virgin Media and Fortinet SD-WAN

Fortinet's SD-WAN solution is fully focussed on network performance and security. The Fortinet SD-WAN solution integrates advanced routing, automated WAN path control, and simplified orchestration to quickly deploy across Virgin Internet connectivity. With the Fortinet centralised management console, Virgin customer's can easily control and view visibility across their underlay services.

Fortinet advanced routing and automated WAN path control supports traffic management and optimal path selection. Their Fotinet capability is beneficial for Virgin Media Business customers the solution offers automatic adjustments to network changes to consistent application performance. With Virgin underlay, Fortinet simplifies orchestration and centralised management via their unified management interface. This is a really nice advantage for Virgin Media Business customers managing extensive network environments resulting in easy configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of their networks.

Fortinet SD-WAN the integrates  intrinsic security features, including next-generation firewall capabilities. With their strong Firewall features, the application steering and performance capabilities of the solution ensure that critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth and resources.

Virgin Media and Fortinet SASE Security

Fortinet's SASE solution combines networking and security services to provide comprehensive protection. Virgin Media Business customers with remote work and cloud-based service requirements are a good fit for Fortinet's SASE capability. Fortinet access to cloud-based services includes AI-powered secure web gateway, zero-trust network access, cloud access security broker, and Firewall-as-a-Service.

The single-vendor SASE approach integrates cloud-delivered SD-WAN connectivity with cloud-delivered security service edge, which extends the convergence of networking and security. The overall approach benefits Virgin Media Business customers by providing a unified solution that simplifies management and enhances security. Fortinet with Virgin offers control, visibility, and analytics offered by their user interface with unified network and security visibility, making it easier for businesses to monitor and manage their security posture. This feature is needed for Virgin Media Business customers requiring detailed insights into their network and security status.

Real-time threat protection counters threats with FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services, offering Virgin Media Business customers advanced protection capabilities. The support for secure internet access, private access, and SaaS application access meets the demands of businesses with remote or hybrid work models. Virgin Media Business customers can provide their employees with secure and reliable access to necessary resources, regardless of their location. The Fortinet Universal ZTNA feature enables consistent application access control in all locations, which maintains security and compliance in a distributed workforce environment.

Fortinet's SD-WAN and SASE solutions offer a range of features that significantly benefit Virgin Media Business customers, particularly in terms of enhanced network performance, security, and the ability to support a hybrid workforce.

FortiSASE alignment with Virgin Media Internet Services

Virgin Media Business and Fortinet SD-WAN Mindmap

FortiSASE Feature

Alignment with Virgin Media Internet Services

SD-WAN: Better Application Experience

Aligns with Virgin Media's high-speed broadband and leased lines. Connectivity and application performance for businesses are enhanced. Improved remote site connectivity and cloud integration, meeting Virgin Media’s need for a fast and reliable network infrastructure.

SD-WAN: In-House Development and Security

Virgin Media’s network complements Fortinet's SD-WAN, enhancing security with Fortinet’s Next-Generation Firewall capabilities. This combination is beneficial for businesses needing an integrated approach to network management and security.

SD-WAN: Scalability and Usability

Virgin Media's offers various internet service options that align with Fortinet's Secure SD-WAN. This allows businesses of all sizes to efficiently scale their network as they grow, and utilising Virgin Media's network reliability and speed.

SASE: Simplicity and Consistent Security

Virgin Media’s business internet services are known for being reliable and fast. Fortinet’s SASE solution, simplifies security policy management, and ensures consistent security for both on-site and remote users. This is important for businesses that rely on cloud services and have a distributed workforce.

SASE: Real-Time Threat Protection

Virgin Media provides fast and stable internet services combined with Fortinet's real-time threat protection.

SASE: Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)

Virgin Media’s broadband and leased lines can be optimised with Fortinet’s FWaaS, ensuring secure internet access and comprehensive cloud-based firewall services. This combination provides exceptional malware protection.

SASE: Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

The Fortinet SASE SWG enhances Virgin Media Internet Services by providing advanced web security, ensuring safe browsing and consistent policy enforcement across an organisation. This is of benefit to businesses with a significant online presence or who are reliant on internet-based applications.

SASE: Basic User Subscription Features

Features include SSL inspection, antivirus, and IPS are provided by Fortinet SASE . These solutions integrate with Virgin Media’s business internet services, for organisations needing corporate internet security with high-speed and reliable connectivity.

SASE: Centralised Management

The centralised management provided by Fortinet from FortiManager, FortiAnalyser, and FortiClient are used with Virgin Media's business internet services to deliver simplified management of both networking and security aspects.

Virgin Media and VeloCloud SD-WAN

VMware VeloCloud's Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN is noted for their early adoption of cloud-based delivery. VeloCloud integrates both virtual and physical appliances to connect various company locations through broadband Internet access or MPLS. This overlay capability of Versa incorporates private clouds (e.g. AWS) and SaaS applications (e.g. Office 365).

The architecture of VeloCloud's solution is comprised of four key components: gateways, edges, the orchestrator, and the controller. The gateways deliver network services from the cloud, optimizing data paths to data centers, branches, and web applications. The edge component is a zero-touch appliance that ensures connectivity to applications, manages Quality of Service (QoS), and hosts VNF services. The orchestrator centralises the installation, monitoring, and configuration of the enterprise-wide SD-WAN, which manages the network's data flow.

VeloCloud's platform is designed to reduce the complexity of service provider networks, lower operating costs, and provide comprehensive control through a single user interface. This approach is beneficial for operators and MSPs via differentiated services over broadband or alongside MPLS. The architecture includes cloud gateways, a service delivery layer, and an orchestration layer. VeloCloud cloud gateways consist of a global network that sits atop the underlying transport, while the service delivery layer includes network services - i.e. QoS and firewalls. The orchestration layer focuses on visualisation, network service insertion and business policy automation.

VeloCloud's SD-WAN models are available in two types: Over The Top (OTT) and network integrated. The OTT model offers a lightweight, versatile WAN solution that is transport-agnostic, suitable for Virgin Broadband and Leased Lines. The network integrated model provides multi-tenant virtual gateways deployed in data centers and service provider networks to ensure optimal access to cloud-based applications and on-demand bandwidth.

Virgin Media and VeloCloud SASE Security

VeloCloud's SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) integrates networking and network security services into a single, cloud-delivered service model. Their integration is designed to support the dynamic secure access needs of Virgin customers, especially businesses with a significant presence in the cloud and a distributed workforce.

VeloCloud's SASE provides secure and optimised connectivity to cloud applications. This capability  is achieved through a combination of advanced networking and security functions, which work together to ensure that data and applications are securely accessible regardless of the user's location. The VeloCloud solutions is particularly relevant for Virgin's customers which rely heavily on cloud services and have remote or home office employees. VeloCloud converge networking and security services by reducing the complexity associated with managing multiple standalone products.

VeloCloud's SASE security posture offers advanced threat protection, secure web gateway, and firewall capabilities. Virgin customers are protected against a wide range of cyber threats to maintain a high level of security as they adopt cloud services and support a distributed workforce.

For customers of Virgin Media Business, the integration of VeloCloud's SASE solution can offer significant advantages. Virgin Media Business provides SOGEA, FTTP and leased line internet connectivity options, which is combined with VeloCloud's SASE results in a secure network infrastructure. The partnership is particularly advantageous for businesses that require reliable and high-performance connectivity to support their cloud-based applications and services.

Lastly, VeloCloud's SASE solution presents a unified approach to networking and security, offering features that are well-suited to Virgin clients with cloud-centric operations and distributed workforces.

Virgin Media Business and VeloCloud SD-WAN Mindmap

VeloCloud Feature Alignment with Virgin Media Internet Services
SD-WAN: Optimised Performance VeloCloud's SD-WAN enhances Virgin Media's high-speed broadband and leased lines, ensuring optimised application performance and efficient remote site connectivity. This integration supports Virgin Media’s commitment to providing fast and reliable network infrastructure.
SD-WAN: Cloud Network Integration The cloud network integration capabilities of VeloCloud's SD-WAN complement Virgin Media’s services, facilitating seamless cloud access and improving overall network efficiency for businesses leveraging cloud computing.
SD-WAN: Dynamic Multipath Optimisation VeloCloud's dynamic multipath optimisation aligns with Virgin Media's diverse internet service offerings to allow businesses to maximise network performance and reliability by leveraging multiple Virgin Media connections.
SASE: Unified Network and Security VeloCloud’s SASE solution helps businesses with distributed workforces and cloud dependencies.
SASE: Enhanced Security Posture The integration of VeloCloud's SASE cybersecurity features with Virgin Media’s internet services strengthens the overall security posture for businesses.
SASE: Zero Trust Network Access VeloCloud’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) works well with Virgin Media’s internet offerings by providing secure, identity-based access control for businesses with remote or hybrid work models.
SASE: Cloud-Delivered Security Services The cloud-delivered security services of VeloCloud's SASE offers scalable and efficient security solutions for businesses with extensive cloud usage.
SASE: Simplified Management and Deployment VeloCloud’s SASE solution provides simplified management and deployment, aligning well with Virgin Media’s user-friendly internet services.

How to select an SD-WAN vendor for Virgin Media

When selecting an SD-WAN vendor for Virgin Media Business, decision makers should consider various factors to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with existing services.

Netify offers a workshop via MS Teams or face to face where we'll walk you through the best option for your business.

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