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Unlock a brand new telecoms reseller revenue stream with BT Business and Netify.

  • Up front commissions paid on installation of your customers service
  • Broadband, Cloud Voice and leased lines are all available
  • Leverage one of the best known brands in the industry
  • Supported by the most successful BT partners in the channel


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Become a BT Telecoms Reseller with Netify

Leverage one of the leading communications brands in the UK with the most extensive telecoms infrastructure. Become an Authorised Telecoms Reseller for BT via Netify, one of the UK's largest BT channel distribution businesses.

Note: The BT Reseller Programme is free to join (subject to meeting our criteria) and offers agency-based commissions. There are no options to white label or buy wholesale services. BT deliver end-to-end products and services which are provided with billing and support for your customers and users.


Join the Netify BT Reseller Programme

Sell BT Broadband, Cloud Voice and BTnet leased lines.

  1. Introduction to Telecoms Reselling

    • Understanding the Telecoms Reseller Industry
    • The Role of a Telecoms Reseller
  2. Why Choose BT as Your Telecoms Reseller Partner

    • The Benefits of Partnering with BT
    • Our Advanced and Affordable Telecom Solutions
  3. Types of Telecoms Resellers

    • White Label Businesses in Telecoms
    • Master Agents and Their Role
    • Value-added Resellers: Offering More to Your Customers
  4. Getting Started as a BT Telecoms Reseller

    • The Process of Becoming a Telecoms Reseller with BT
    • Support and Training for Our Resellers
  5. Our Telecoms Products and Services

    • Overview of BT's Telecoms Products
    • How Our Services Benefit Your Customers
  6. Providing Excellent Customer Service as a Telecoms Reseller

    • Importance of Customer Relationships in Telecoms Reselling
    • How BT Supports Resellers in Customer Service
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a Telecom Reseller?
    • How Do I Become a Telecom Reseller?
    • What is the Naics Code for Telecom Reseller?
    • What Does Telecom Mean in Business?

Selling VoIP services offer an excellent revenue stream The VoIP market size was valued at $29650.0 million in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.62% during the forecast period, reaching USD 67230.0 million by 2027.

The exact products and services offered by a telecoms reseller or service provider will depend on the supplier they are working with and their own target market. In order to be successful it's important to offer a range of services that meet the needs of your target market and are competitively priced.

Statistics from Marketwatch.

Broadband options table

What BT Broadband reseller options are available?

SuperfastUltrafast 1Ultrafast 2Hyperfast 1Hyperfast 2






Speeds up to 76Mbps down / 19Mbps upSpeeds up to 150Mbps down / 29MbpsSpeeds up to 300Mbps down / 49Mbps upSpeeds up to 500Mbps down / 68Mbps upSpeeds up to 900Mbps down / 104Mbps up


What training is offered to Netify telecoms resellers?

Netify offers comprehensive training across Cloud Voice and Cloud Voice Express (VoIP products), Broadband and BTnet leased lines. We'll show you how to make the most of every opportunity and value the BT product set offers.

What reporting is available as a BT telecoms reseller for Netify?

Control your business income with comprehensive commission statements and order status reporting. Netify currently use the Freshdesk and Airtable platforms to support our resellers. We'll  support your team every aspect of your customer order journey, from initial placement to answering any sales or general process queries.

The team are highly experienced and capable of ensuring your business relationship with Netify, and BT is low friction and simple.

Is there a BT PDF describing telecoms products and services?

The BT sales Toolkit provides comprehensive product detail and pricing across BT and EE products. Full details are within the Toolkit, which includes costs, equipment (any additional hardware), technology information, solution overviews with technical descriptions and more.

Can I use the BT brand?

All Authorised Resellers are positioned to use the BT Business brand on their website and marketing collateral. Netify will provide full guidelines regarding logo placement and acceptable use.

What commission can I earn via the Netify BT reseller programme?

Commission rates are based on a percentage of the Sales Order Value (SOV), which is calculated based on customer pricing and contract term. Netify currently offers 21% of your total contract value on 3 and 5 year contracts. Add Broadband or BTnet leased lines to increase your commission payments further.

What Broadband reseller products are available?

With BT FTTC and FTTP, Resellers can offer complete packages to maximise revenues. Order portal Access our portal and systems to place orders for your customers. We make it simple to transact your orders across all BT products, including EE mobile.

What VoIP reseller products are available from BT?

The full Cloud Voice VoIP product and Cloud Voice Express are designed to be easy to use and manage via an online portal. With options for softphone apps and traditional hardware provided by Yaylink and Polycom.

BT Cloud Voice is a managed cloud-based VoIP service that provides businesses extensive features from a receptionist console to advanced presence and web conferencing. With the demise of ISDN-2 and ISDN-30 circuits, BT Cloud Voice and SIP are fast becoming the replacement product of choice. With low-cost licences, call bundle packages, extensive features and BT Internet connectivity; BT Cloud Voice provides your customer with a fully outsourced solution.

Cloud Voice Express is a direct replacement for traditional phone lines (PSTN). The service provides a simplified version of BT Cloud Voice and has been specifically designed for small businesses. It provides all the basic functionality and additional features, including an app (to manage your service, call diversion routing and voicemail.

BT Internet products also offer quality of service to ensure your VoIP traffic performs well across latency and jitter.

Can I sell BT SIP services?

Businesses use BT SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) with branch-office hardware or virtualised instances. The SIP platform is generally used by companies with DIY communications requirements (rather than fully outsourced Cloud Voice). SIP is a more flexible service vs Cloud Voice because the signalling protocol can be used to support telephony features which may not be available via a pre-packaged Cloud service. Netify Resellers are able to access SIP for a range of providers - please get in touch with us to find out which solutions are currently supported.

Why partner with Netify?

We offer account management to all of our resellers with comprehensive reporting, training and face-to-face meetings where required. We have won numerous awards from BT, including Partner of the Year, and occupy their top tier of Partner status. Our account managers implement a tried and trusted process to help with compliance and order processing.

The Partner Sales telecoms reseller model offers an easy route to revenue vs. wholesale. With the BT agency model, contracts, billing and installation are all aspects taken care of by BT Business. In this respect, selling products is made simple, which allows you to concentrate on the marketing and generating sales pipeline. To consider wholesale, your business will be expected to support and deliver services to clients to achieve low margins.


UK Broadband market worth


Internet market size


(measured in billions USD)


Who is Netify?

The Netify BT Distribution business processes more orders than any other BT Authorised Partner working within the UK and Northern Ireland channel.

Founded in 2009, Netify has worked as an Authorised BT Partner for over a decade. We've won numerous awards including Partner of the Year, Innovation Partner of the Year and BT's most Brilliant Partner award. We are known for supporting resellers with expertise from Ethernet services to Broadband.

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