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What’s Driving the Global Market for SASE Solutions?

In 2021, Gartner's Forecast Analysis: Secure Access Service Edge, Worldwide report trumpeted a 36-percent CAGR for the adoption of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)-based solutions for a standard six-year research period. Whether the 95-percent increase is a hefty improvement or hype, what’s happening?

SASE Market CAGR-2

A March 2021 report by Gartner cited powerful drivers adding demand for secure, efficient connectivity and security. They are challenges that you probably deal with each day:

  • Greater risk of sophisticated cyberattacks and related data breaches and hacker exploits.
  • Increased network traffic (remote facilities and workers in dispersed IT infrastructures) clog network communications.
  • Mobile and internet-connected (IoT) devices are a bigger part of IT operations and their related headaches.

What problems does SASE solve?

Do modern IT solutions solve today’s connectivity and security problems? Until recently, the answer would be no, but things are changing. Here are several use cases snatched off the wires of online IT journals:

  • Setting up branch offices (sometimes thousands of them). Deploying, managing, and supporting widely scattered remote offices still present bottlenecks and other network performance problems.
  • Supporting multitudes of remote workers. Many of the new facilities are “branch offices of one”. Nevertheless, the 48 percent of employees predicted to work remotely after the pandemic still require carefully defined access policies and security monitoring to reduce the size of a burgeoning attack surface.
  • Optimizing IT security resources. Reducing the time, effort, and cost of routine security tasks is always challenging, but especially so when IT teams must do more with less.

In each case, an ongoing IT operations problem needs a modern solution to make IT security and networking processes more efficient and MSP services more profitable for service providers. The solution: SASE.


SASE Managed Solutions

SASE is not a technology or service. It’s a new approach, which unifies network connectivity and security in the form of a single, cloud-based service.

Why Your Organization Should Consider Managed SASE Services

The reason is simple—using SASE services can help your business stay competitive and discover new business opportunities. That means installing, maintaining, and protecting network and security infrastructures with less time and fewer resources.

Gartner researchers understood that standard connectivity and security products and services weren’t meeting growing consumer and client expectations. Gartner developed the SASE framework to meet these new expectations. The trend was plain: staying competitive meant that service providers must help clients develop effective, edge-centred infrastructures.

Making SASE the centre of MSP services can help your business provide the latest in security and networking support services.

Who Provides SASE Services?

Managed service providersOffer complete portfolio of security and networking functions wrapped in a scalable cloud service.SASE combines security and networking functions into a scalable cloud service, which fits with modern remote and hybrid work models.There are thousands of SASE clients looking for help. Thousands of MSPs offer a wide variety different products and services. It’s not easy to define what’s needed and find a vendor to supply it.
Managed vendorsSD-WAN vendors offer capabilities and solutions that focus on SD-WAN and security. These capabilities support underlay, private backbone, and gateway connectivity solutions.SASE capabilities enable vendors to set up security, networking, and management functions with less time and effort (therefore lower costs) than with traditional frameworks.Most SD-WAN vendors prefer to use distributers and partners instead of service providers. Once more, clients might have problems finding the service provider.
PartnersOffer a platform that uses agent-based capabilities and facilitate policy-based access to unified security and networking capabilities. Delivered as a cloud service. Partner services are easy to find. Globally, there are thousands of partners, who offer a wide variety of capabilities and thousands of service options.

Vendors often provide services indirectly via trusted partners.

Partner capabilities vary widely by experience and accreditation.  Partners might create a hidden layer of services, which clients don’t know about.


Managed SASE Components

SASE is an umbrella term for an approach to unified, cloud-only, networking and security services. As the table above shows, service providers create different relationships with clients and each other to deliver managed SASE services. The following entries describe the major components described in Gartner’s 2019 SASE reference architecture document.

What are the Pros and Cons of Managed SASE?

Managed SASE Services Pros & Cons

Consider the items below when creating your vendor shortlist.


  • Use cloud services approach to outsource all SD-WAN components
  • Keep vendor expertise constantly kept up to date
  • Use other cloud-based products such as AWS and Azure
  • Cost savings are achieved by consolidation of SD-WAN overlay and underlay


  • Depending on the provider or vendor, change request validation might require unexpected delays.
  • Service options vary in different solution offerings.
  • Configuration options are often standard and lack flexibility and agility

Benefits and Value of MSPs in SASE Deployments

How do managed SASE services help MSPs improve human processes and system performance?

Here are some of the key benefits you can expect when you provide SASE-based services:

  • Quick startups. Don’t lose time and money deciding where to start with a multi-faceted SASE solution.
  • Faster time to value and scale-up: Avoid rework by offering managed SASE consulting services, which can determine your client’s SASE readiness. Identify the best solutions for your client’s unique requirements and help to chart a roadmap for rollouts—before you begin implementation.
  • Security and networking expertise. Skilled MSPs can provide engineers experienced in connectivity and security operations. MSPs can integrate these components to deliver resilient, high-performance connectivity and protection.
  • Solution development experience. MSPs can evaluate offers, run comprehensive interoperability tests, and conduct technical validation and solution certifications.
  • Solution integration acumen: Experienced MSPs can support legacy infrastructure that must be maintained with new technology components. Even if components are sourced from different vendors, experienced MSPs can integrate and manage a vast system of technology providers and capabilities to secure your client’s environment.

Market worth of Managed SASE today and in the future:

The Managed SASE market recently (2021) was valued around $2.9 billion and is expected to be valued around $15 billion by 2025. The market growth is substantial and currently, it is estimated that market adoption will grow exponentially for the foreseeable future with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 36.3 percent.


Global SASE market worth


Global SASE sector spend

(based on 2018 stats)

(measured in billions USD)

Five-Year Market Growth = $9.045 Billion (CAGR 41.8%)

Source: Gartner SASE Forecast, 2019-2024 (2018)


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