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How to Become an EE Reseller: Step-by-Step Guide

How to become an EE Reseller

Learn more about becoming an Authorised Reseller for BT and EE Business

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Over the last two decades, EE Business has grown into the largest and fastest mobile network operator across the UK. In 2023, the opportunity to become an EE Reseller offers one of the best agency sales opportunities for businesses considering selling mobile and SIM only products.

Becoming an EE Partner or Reseller doesn't just include mobile services, you can also provide the full suite of BT Business Broadband and Cloud Voice products. 

In this article, we'll discuss how to become an EE Mobile and SIM only Reseller via Netify.

What is an EE Reseller?

An EE reseller is a business entity that operates as an agency to sell mobile and SIM only products and services. Resellers are carefully selected, fully trained and accredited to ensure they uphold EE's standards and reputation. All Authorised Resellers specialise in creating end-to-end IT and mobile service solution for small, medium and large businesses by offering a range of EE's offerings from direct network access to fully managed services. EE resellers benefit from EE's commercial flexibility and full support during the launch process and ongoing customer management.

How does your business become an EE Reseller?

Joining the EE Reseller Programme involves a few steps. Firstly, interested businesses can apply to an existing distributor by registering your interest using this application form. Secondly, you will be required to join an initial call to discuss your experience and background together with products of interest.

If your initial application is successful, you will receive onboarding and training from the EE Distributer in order to demonstrate how to construct pricing for your customers and how to place orders. Finally, the Distributer will provide your business with ongoing administration support which includes reporting and current offers across mobile and SIM only.

Step Description
1 Apply to an existing distributor by registering your interest using the application form.
2 Join an initial call to discuss your experience and background together with products of interest.
3 If your initial application is successful, receive onboarding and training from the EE Distributer to demonstrate how to construct pricing for your customers and how to place orders.
4 The Distributer will provide your business with ongoing administration support which includes reporting and current offers across mobile and SIM only.

What are the benefits of becoming an EE Reseller?

Becoming an EE reseller offers a multitude of benefits which begin with providing access to one of the most recognised UK mobile brands.

Resellers receive comprehensive support across simple mobile offers from Apple, Samsung, Google, Oppo and Motorola together with EE's expertise in integrating additional services such as M2M or bulk messaging. EE's Business products also offer roaming, Apple Music and BT Sport as value add incentives to your customers.

Resellers can offer 4G and 5G EE bundles with built-in security which is the enabler to a fully mobile workforce. Netify have access to dedicated account management which includes self-service tools to ensure we create the best possible deals and commission plans for your Reseller business.

EE guarantees extensive 4G and 5G coverage which enables extensive benefits which include WiFi Calling which is now used by thousands of concurrent users and EE continues to invest in their business at a rate of £1.5 million daily across network improvements to ensure a consistent, high quality service.

Icon Description
🏆 EE has been the UK’s best network for nine consecutive years and constantly improves the network to offer their customers a reliable service.
🚀 EE boasts an unbeatable 5G network.
📲 EE offers a wide range of 5G phones through the Reseller channel.
🔗 Stay Connected Data service by EE ensures users can stay connected to critical apps at a reduced speed even if they exceed their data allowance.
🎵 EE offers exclusive Inclusive Extras such as Apple Music, BT Sport Ultimate, international calling minutes and Microsoft 365 Personal subscriptions. Users can change their Inclusive Extra every 30 days.
🛡️ EE provides Service Benefits including Extended Warranty covering manufacturer faults and an Annual Device Check-up at no extra cost.
🤝 EE offers specialised support through its customer service, with enhanced technical support.
🖥️ My EE platform allows users to manage their accounts online, including analysing bills and making payments.
👥 Businesses with ten or more connections receive a dedicated Account Manager along with additional benefits such as free delivery on devices.

EE Reseller Customer Benefits 2

How to obtain EE Reseller pricing for your customers

In order to secure EE Reseller pricing for Resellers, the Netify Reseller team utilises the EE Business portal. The portal is instrumental in formulating bespoke pricing that align with the specific requirements of each customer. Netify have also created an EE Mobile and SIM only pricing page which can be used for run-rate, quick single mobile handsets and SIM only deals.

The combination of these resources ensures a Resellers have access to quick and easy deals together with higher volume requirements.

What commissions can you earn as an EE Reseller?

Commissions range from low value SIM only deals through to multiple £K payments for larger mobile connections.

What EE Reseller products and services are available?

SIM only deals are particularly noteworthy as they offer a SIM card without the associated handset making them ideal for individuals who already own a handset. The EE SIM only deals include a specific amount of call minutes, texts and data for a monthly fee.

EE Mobile plans are bundled with a handset and align with SIM only allowances which includes calls, texts, and data but additionally provide a new phone. These can be new or available for your customers which are looking to upgrade their device.

What sets various options apart are EE's additional services and perks that can be included to help close business. These may encompass features such as international roaming, data rollover and access to exclusive content. In summary, EE offer a market leading mobile and SIM proposition. The former provides a packaged deal including a new handset, whereas the latter caters to those who do not require a new device. Add-on services further differentiate these offerings which allows EE Resellers to tailor deals to their customer's requirements.

Product/Service Description
Mobile Phones Wide range of mobile phones from globally recognized brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Motorola, Google, and Nokia.
SIM Only Deals Flexible SIM only options catering to a broad market.
Mobile Broadband Mobile broadband services, providing internet access on the go.
Tablets Variety of tablets suitable for business use.
Laptops Laptops as part of their business solutions.
Watches Smartwatches in their product lineup.
Roam Abroad Inclusive Extra Service allowing customers to roam abroad with their mobile plans.
Good As New Phones "Good As New" devices that are returned within the standard 14-day cooling-off period and are in excellent condition.
5G Network Access to their 5G network for faster data speeds and improved connectivity.
Stay Connected Data Service ensuring that customers stay connected even if they go over their data allowance by switching them to a slower speed.

What support does the EE Reseller Programme offer?

We support the EE Business mobile and distribution partner model, where EE contracts directly with your end customer for everything from billing to customer service. With support from the EE portal, Netify partners can easily check the latest stock, deals and pricing for handsets, SIM-only plans, Apple Watches and tablets. We are also here to support you in all aspects of your business from brand guidance to training and reporting.

What about the ability to integrate other services like M2M or bulk messaging?

The integration of additional services like M2M (Machine to Machine) and bulk messaging into EE Reseller's offerings can unlock additional revenue and customer attachment.

Integrating M2M enables devices to communicate with each other over a network without human intervention. For businesses, this means automation and efficiency. Whether it's smart meters in utilities or wearable health monitors, M2M ensures data collection, analysis and actions can be automated.

In tandem with M2M, bulk messaging can revolutionise communication strategies for EE Resellers. It allows sending messages to a large group of customers at once. This can be particularly useful for marketing campaigns or urgent notifications. By integrating this service, EE Resellers can offer businesses a robust tool for engaging their customer base and improving communications.

By fusing M2M and bulk messaging services, EE Resellers can provide a comprehensive suite that enhances business operations and communication. M2M automates and streamlines data processes, while bulk messaging ensures that the communication is efficient and far-reaching.

The integration of M2M and bulk messaging services into EE Reseller's offerings can provide businesses with powerful tools for automation and communication. EE Resellers have the key to unlock this potential and foster innovation for their clients.

Explanation of EE's international roaming partners for Resellers

International roaming is a service that allows mobile users to use their mobile phones or other devices to make calls, send texts and use data while in a foreign country. This is achieved through agreements between different telecommunications networks worldwide.

Region Description
Europe For EE Resellers, most European countries have excellent coverage. Users can generally expect reliable services in the majority of the European region. Data allowances and call minutes are often generous, making it a hassle-free experience for travelers.
Asia In Asia, EE Reseller services are somewhat varied. Developed countries like Japan and South Korea have excellent network coverage. However, in some other parts of Asia, the network might be less reliable. It is advisable to check specific countries for precise details.
North America EE Resellers offer extensive coverage in North America, particularly in the United States and Canada. Data speeds are generally fast, and there are usually no additional costs for texts and calls to UK numbers.
South America South America has reasonable coverage with EE Resellers. However, data allowances might be less generous compared to Europe or North America. It is wise to keep an eye on usage to avoid extra charges.
Africa In Africa, coverage can be patchy. Major cities and tourist destinations are usually covered, but more remote areas might have limited service.
Oceania Australia and New Zealand have excellent coverage and service. In other Pacific islands, service might be more limited.

EE Reseller Coverage by Region 2

EE Reseller Programme FAQ

Question Answer
How do we apply to join the EE Reseller Programme? In the first instance, register your interest by completing our EE application form. We will invite you to a 30-minute Microsoft Teams call to learn more about your business and answer any questions.
Who is Netify? Netify is a Network Union company, an Authorised and trusted Partner of BT Business for over 10 years. We are one of only a select few Premier Partners with access to both BT Business and EE Business brands. BT acquired EE in 2016 allowing our team to add the Everything Everywhere portfolio to our reseller proposition.
Can we directly apply to become an EE Partner? Of course, any business is welcome to apply directly to EE. With this said, you will need to commit to significant targets and be able to demonstrate a track record of generating mobile business. Where your business does not qualify or does not wish to take on a full partnership, the second option is to become a Reseller which is offered by distributers such as Netify.
What does Netify offer? Netify are known for our Reseller processes from onboarding to administration, we know how to make the most of EE Business. We offer full EE product training, sales and administration support. The Netify team are available via telephone or live chat to help grow your business.
Who owns the EE mobile contract? All contracts are between the customer and EE directly. Netify does not offer an option to white-label EE services. The EE Reseller Programme pays commissions based on the structure of deals put together by your team in partnership with Netify.
Can we sell EE to residential customers? No. There is no option to sell EE services to residential customers. We only support sales to self employed or Limited companies.
What commissions are available? Netify offers up to 70% commission share for selected partners. Commission examples will be shared during an initial application call.

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