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EE Resellers Joining Process

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EE Resellers operate within the Indirect channel of EE which is one of the largest and most successful UK mobile brands. Successful EE resellers play a crucial role in the distribution of Mobile and SIM only products and services by acting as intermediaries between EE and their end customers.

In this article, we'll discuss how EE Resellers typically join the Netify Distribution programme and the processes involved.

The application process for becoming an EE Reseller

The application process for becoming an EE Reseller begins with an initial Microsoft Teams call with one of the Netify Distribution team. The first call is designed to discuss your potential to join the programme - i.e. necessary capabilities and resources to effectively promote and sell EE's products and services. The initial call is a chance to learn more about Netify but we'll also discussing your target market, sales capabilities and previous experience in the industry.

During the application process, the Distributor (Netify in this instance) will discuss the your understanding of EE products and your businesses ability to reach the Business Mobile market. EE looks for resellers who have a strong customer base and the ability to leverage  existing relationships to drive sales.

Once the evaluation process is complete and the application is approved, the Reseller gains access to Apple, Samsung and Google handsets together with SIM only products. Once the. sale is transacted, your business will earn commissions which is calculated based on the structure of any given deal - e.g. up front and monthly costs. This commission-based model not only incentivises resellers to actively promote and sell EE's offerings but also rewards your business without having to provide end support to the customer.

Throughout the application process, EE Resellers receive guidance and assistance to ensure your business is armed with the latest resources and product information. Overall, the application process for becoming an EE Reseller is designed to identify businesses that have the potential to be successful in promoting and selling EE's products and services.

EE Resellers are also able to access the BT Reseller Programme which includes SOGEA & FTTP Broadband, Cloud Voice and BTnet leased lines.

Become a BT Reseller - Step-by-step
Initial Microsoft Teams Call
Discussion of Potential to Join Programme
Evaluation of Understanding of EE Products and Business Reach
Approval and Access to Products
Commission Earned on Sales
Training and Onboarding
Ongoing Support and Administration
Offering Range of Products and Services
Earning Commissions

What training and onboarding is available to EE Resellers?

Training and onboarding play a crucial role in the success of EE Resellers operating in the indirect channel. EE and Netify recognises that resellers need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively sell and support EE products and services. With this in mind, we provide comprehensive training to ensure that resellers are well-prepared to meet the needs of their customers and address any inquiries or issues that may arise.

During the training process, EE Resellers learn about about how to structure a deal with the right up front and monthly costs and any value-add options which might be applicable to the sale.

Onboarding is another essential component of the EE Reseller journey - Netify have been onboarding and training BT and EE Resellers for over a decade. The EE onboarding process is designed to be interactive which allows you and your team to ask questions.

The Netify team will also provide training across the processes and procedures which are involved in selling EE Business Mobile and SIM only. The training process includes how to place orders (via the Netify order portal) and how to handle customer support inquiries. We the necessary detail to ensure Resellers are able to manage their relationship with EE and Netify.

Netify's commitment to EE Reseller training and onboarding extends beyond the initial stages of the partnership - the team understands that ongoing support is essential to build the relationship. By prioritising training and onboarding, we ensure that resellers have the knowledge and skills to effectively promote and sell EE's products and services.

The role of ongoing support and administration in the indirect channel

EE Business is renowned for customer support which extends not only to its direct customers but also to those of EE Resellers. The support encompasses everything from the initial setup and account management to device troubleshooting and EE network coverage queries. EE Business provides clear guidance on safety, security, device unlocking, and even international roaming.

EE Business has developed the My EE app which is a one-stop solution for customers to manage their accounts and access support. There's also the EE Community which is a platform where customers can find additional help and support.

Importantly, the EE support process also benefits EE Resellers. While customers have the option to directly access support from EE, they can also seek advice and general customer care from your Reseller business. This means that EE Resellers can focus time on their core competency - sales. Resellers should provide advice and general customer care but the detailed technical support is handled by EE. This division of responsibilities ensures that EE Resellers can concentrate on expanding their customer base and honing their sales strategies.

As a competitive edge, EE Resellers are able to offer value-added services which includes insurance plans for business mobile phones and international calling plans. These VAS services (Value-added services) are beneficial for customers looking to safeguard their mobile products.

EE business support not only caters to the needs of your end customers but also means your Reseller business can focus on making sales. This is a clear demonstration of EE's commitment to providing excellent support that benefits both Resellers and their own customers.

The range of products and services EE Resellers can offer

In addition to Mobile and SIM only, EE Resellers can also offer a range of devices which include smartphones, tablets and value-added services. Resellers can access the latest models and features which helps your customers find the right device to meet their specific needs and preferences.

VAS (Value-add services) are tailored to the needs of businesses, they include mobile device management, cloud storage and collaboration tools. Resellers work closely with business customers to understand their requirements and recommend the most suitable solutions.

EE Resellers can also offer value-added services such as insurance and accessories - there's the option to protect customer devices with insurance plans which provides peace of mind against accidental damage, loss or theft. Resellers can also sell accessories which includes phone cases, screen protectors and headphones.

Number Product/Service Description
1 Mobile Phones EE Resellers access a range of mobile phones from top brands which includes Apple's iPhone 12, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and Samsung's Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Flip4 Enterprise Edition.
2 Upgrades EE Resellers can offer upgrade options for existing customers to switch to newer or more advanced devices from a variety of brands which includes Apple and Samsung.
3 SIM Only Plans EE Resellers can offer SIM only plans for businesses that already have devices, providing connectivity with devices from all major brands.
4 Mobile Broadband Offer mobile broadband services which ensures businesses stay connected on the go.
5 Tablets Access a range of tablets to cater to businesses that require larger screens for presentations or other tasks.
6 Laptops Offers a selection of laptops, including those from Dell.
7 Watches Full range of Apple Watches and associated data plans.
10 BT Business Broadband, Cloud Voice and BTnet leased lines EE Resellers can also access BT Business Broadband, Cloud Voice and BTnet leased lines services to cater to the diverse connectivity needs of businesses.

EE Reseller Products and Services

What commissions do EE Resellers earn?

EE Resellers have the opportunity to earn commissions from both bespoke and off-the-shelf standard deals.

The exact commission rates will vary based on the type of product or service being sold, the upfront and the ongoing monthly costs. EE provide a transparent and fair commission structure that allows resellers to earn revenue based on the deal structure.

For mobile connectivity plans, resellers may earn a commission based on the monthly subscription fee or the total value of the contract. This commission can be a percentage of the monthly fee or a fixed amount per contract.

When it comes to selling devices, resellers earn commission based on the retail price of the device - the commission can be a percentage of the sale price or a fixed amount per device.

In addition to these core offerings, EE Resellers can also earn commissions on value-added services such as insurance and accessories. The commission structure for these services may vary, but it typically involves a percentage of the sale price or a fixed amount per service.

By offering a competitive commission structure, EE motivates and rewards resellers for their contributions to promoting and selling EE's products and services. This not only drives reseller engagement and productivity but also strengthens the overall partnership between EE and its resellers.

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