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EE Distribution: How to join Mobile Distributors

EE Distribution: How to join Mobile Distributors

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In this article, we discuss how your business can form a partnership with an existing EE Distributor. You will learn about the process, benefits and opportunities associated with partnering with an EE Distributor to sell business mobile and SIM only products.

What is an EE Distributor?

An EE Business Mobile and SIM Only Distributor is a business that is selected by EE to distribute their business mobile and SIM only products with value-add services. EE Distributors offer the full range of EE products which includes Apple iPhones, Samsung handsets, Android mobiles and Apple Watches. In addition, EE also offer SIM only plans which are cost-effective for businesses that already have handsets or for employees who prefer to use their own devices.

EE Distributors take on Authorised Resellers to sell the portfolio of EE products and services. Once the partnership with an existing EE distributor is approved, the Reseller generates commissions for selling connections and hardware.

Becoming a Reseller with one of EE Distributors involves a straightforward process. The first step is  to make contact with the Distributor to discuss your interest in forming a partnership. The Distributor then evaluates your  understanding of EE's products and your route to market. Once approved, your business is provided with access to EE's products which you can begin offering to your customer base.

EE Distributor and Reseller Flowchart

What products do EE Distributors offer their Resellers?

Whether your clients are looking for the latest iPhone or Samsung device, EE Distributors have access to the latest products.

Offering competitive SIM only plans is beneficial for businesses that already have their own devices or for employees who prefer to use their personal smartphones (BYoD - Bring your own device). 

EE Distributors offer mobile products for businesses of all sizes from large Enterprise businesses to the SME market. The Distributor can construct deal structures to meet the specific requirements of your customers - from affordable mobile plans to hundreds of handsets.

When engaging with an EE Distributor, you will gain access to additional services which includes support and training. As a Reseller of the Distributor, your business can benefit from the expertise and knowledge of EE through training programs and ongoing support.

The Distributor ensures your business is provided with a thorough understanding of EE's products and services. As your business sells mobile and SIMs, you'll earn commissions based on the number of activations made.

How to Become a Reseller with an EE Distributor

Becoming a Reseller with an EE Distributor is an opportunity for your business to expand your offerings and generate more revenue. It all begins with an initial Microsoft Teams call with the distributor to discuss the overall opportunity. During the first call, the distributor will discuss your experience and tell you about the programme with a chance to ask questions.

The call will also outline how commissions are generated based on the number of activations or sales made.

The Distributor will provide an overview of training, marketing materials and ongoing support to demonstrate their long term value. The process of becoming an EE Reseller partner involves an initial conversation, evaluation and final approval which is the last step prior to opening your account.

Once approved, the onboarding process familiarises your business with processes, procedures and support functions. Ongoing support includes access to a dedicated account manager, administrative assistance with a web-based order portal.

Forming a partnership with an EE Distributor offers businesses the support needed to effectively promote and sell EE's products and services.

Start the journey of joining an EE Distribution Partner

If you're a business looking to expand your product offerings and boost your revenue streams, partnering with an EE distributor offers an excellent opportunity. As we mentioned earlier, by partnering with an EE Distributor your business will gain access to a wide range of products and services which includes the latest mobile handsets and connection plans. 

In addition to EE, BT Reseller Business products are available to further increase commission and add value to your customers. These include BT Business Broadband (SOGEA, FTTP), Cloud Voice Express, Cloud Voice and BTnet leased lines.

To recap, EE's Distribution products range from the latest handsets to cost-effective SIM only plans and even the capability to deliver Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Not only will you have the opportunity to provide your customers with the ability to order from EE Business, you'll also build an excellent revenue stream. This additional source of revenue can significantly contribute to your overall business profitability.

In addition to premium brands, there's the budget-friendly yet feature-packed options which are available from OPPO and Nokia.

What sets EE apart from its competitors is its commitment to providing superior network quality and customer service. EE has been named the UK's best network for nine consecutive years which provides brand confidence as businesses rely on their services for video meetings, document sharing and instant messaging.

One of the core selling points is the EE 5G network which enables quick file transfers and 4K video conferencing. The 'Stay Connected Data feature' ensures that businesses can continue to use critical apps even if they exceed their data allowance.

In conclusion, EE Distributors in combination with superior network quality and customer service make an excellent choice for businesses seeking a reliable and innovative mobile partner.

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