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In this article, we'll discuss some of the available options to businesses considering forming a Partnership with EE Business. The most popular route is to become an EE Reseller with one of their Distributors. However, other options may suit your business depending on your specific needs. At Netify, we can help you access BT and EE Business via one Partnership agreement.

The Strategic Advantage of Partnering with EE Business

EE provides a significant strategic advantage for businesses considering selling mobile and SIM only products. In the main, entering into a partnership with the largest mobile network provider in the UK offers credibility to Partners and Resellers.

EE is leading with nationwide 5G network coverage which enables their customer to work anywhere with incredible 100Mbps+ speed to support video and mission critical applications. One further key benefit is their overall extensive network coverage when compared to other mobile providers in a highly competitive space. With strong brand recognition, EE can enhance a your brand image which results in better customer acquisition.

Once you join the EE Partner Programme, EE will provide support which includes training, marketing resource and dedicated account management from one of their Distributors.

EE offers a wide range of products and services which includes mobile plans to Broadband services and Cloud Voice

Understanding the Market: Opportunities with EE Business

Understanding the market and identifying opportunities with EE Business involves analysing current trends in the telecommunications industry and how EE's offerings align with these trends.

The ongoing digital transformation across various sectors has led to an increased demand for reliable and high-speed connectivity solutions. EE 4G and 5G are the enabler to remote working which presents a significant opportunity for partners to offer EE's innovative products and services.

In addition to remote working, the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) has led to a surge in demand for mobile and broadband services. EE's range of mobile plans, BT broadband services and IoT solutions can help partners tap into these growing markets.

EE's commitment to sustainability and reduction of environmental impact aligns with the increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly practices. EE Partners can leverage their commitment to attract environmentally conscious customers.

Lastly, EE's strong presence in the UK market provides partners with the opportunity to reach a wide customer base.

What options exist when joining as an EE Partner?

The EE Business partnership ecosystem consists of several types of partnership options - each option dependent on your businesses capabilities and needs. We've provided an overview of these partnerships can help you identify where you might fit within the EE Partner ecosystem.

EE Business Partnership Types

Partnership Type Description
EE Authorised Resellers EE Resellers form a relationship with an existing EE Distributor. The partnership is beneficial for businesses that have an established customer base and are positioned to effectively market and sell EE Business products or services. As a reseller, you are responsible for managing customer relationships but EE support and bill the end client.
Distributors Distributors operate in Partnership with EE and BT - they are empowered to take on EE Resellers. As an EE Distributor, their responsibility is to support Resellers across the sales and ordering process. Distributors often have a wider reach and can help EE Resellers expand into new markets or regions.
Affiliates Affiliates promote EE Business products or services and earn a commission for each sale made through their referral.
Technology Partners Technology partners collaborate with EE Business to integrate their technology or services with EE Business's offerings. This partnership is suitable for businesses that offer technology or services that can make use of EE Business products or services.
Consultants or Advisors Consultants or advisors partner with EE Business to provide expert advice or services to EE Business customers. This could include business consulting, IT consulting or other specialised services. If you have specific expertise that can benefit EE Business customers, you might fit into this category.

Building a Successful Partnership Strategy with EE Mobile and SIM only

Building a successful partnership strategy with EE requires gaining a good understanding of EE's product portfolio (and BT Business). Although EE's mobile and SIM only products are simple at a high level, constructing deals does require a good understanding of deal parameters.

As a potential partner, the goal is to familiarise yourself with all available options across Apple, Samsung and Google handsets together with SIM only options. This understanding is critical when identifying potential opportunities which enables you to put the deal together, e.g. a customer may require a mixture of handsets or SIM only.

Once you have a good understanding of EE's product portfolio, the next step is to identify your target markets. This involves understanding the needs and preferences of potential customers and how EE's services can meet these needs. For example, if you're targeting small businesses, you might focus on EE's business plans that offer features which include shared data and flexible contracts. It's also important to consider the competitive landscape in each market by analysing other mobile providers. Understanding who EE's competitors are and what they offer can help you position EE's services more effectively and identify areas where you can differentiate your business.

As an Authorised EE Reseller, you'll also have access to a variety of resources from EE which includes marketing materials, training programs and technical support. As an example, you could use EE's marketing materials which are available via your selected EE Distribution partner.

There are typically 3 main components required to ensure your business is successful when selling EE Business products:

1. Ensure you or your sales team are conducting enough conversations with prospects. This may sound like obvious advice but it is critical to be productive.

2. Product knowledge is also key - without understanding the features and benefits, it becomes very difficult to sell mobile and SIM only in a competitive environment.

3. Data is necessary to conduct sales whether you are intending to pitch EE to your existing customer base or if your team are intent on making telemarketing calls.

We know from experience that building a successful partnership strategy with EE involves understanding EE's product portfolio, identifying target markets and your business must ensure the 3 basic points listed earlier are in play. If you follow these steps, you can develop a successful partnership strategy with EE and achieve your business goals.

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