Netify have released our 2024 SD-WAN comparison blog article

Netify launches filters for Azure SD WAN partners

Netify launches filters for Azure SD WAN partners

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The Netify SD WAN marketplace now provides the capability to research SD WAN partners which support native access into the Microsoft Azure plarform. Once selected, users can continue their research into SD WAN features across vendors with Azure access.

Azure virtual WAN enables enterprises to connect their branch offices, remote users, SaaS, IaaS and PaaS services to the Microsoft network of data centres. Selecting an SD WAN vendor with Azure support results in secure orchestration via a single management interface.

In many ways, Azure is becoming the hub for most Enterprise WAN architectures as the traditional model of deploying apps into data centres is disappearing. The typical Enterprise user is truly cloud-based as their applications are increasingly hosted within Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. (other virtualised public cloud providers are available)

“The Netify SD WAN marketplace now provides the capability to research SD WAN partners which support native access into the Microsoft Azure plarform.”

Use Netify to make comparisons of SD WAN vendors which support MS Azure.

Alongside SASE security, the number one consideration when selecting an SD WAN vendor is integration with cloud vendors. This news article lists the Microsoft partners featured within the Netify marketplace and those vendors with native built-in Azure support. The Netify platform also lists vendors that support Azure by deploying their appliances into Azure without being listed as an MS partner (i.e. not fully integrated).

As of writing this news article, vendors are beginning to leverage the Azure backbone for SD WAN access. Users access their applications via Azure together with site to site communication (if required) and breakout to the Internet via their Azure-based solution. Netify is interested in viewing the adoption of virtualised Azure SD WAN from leading vendors.

The Azure marketplace is constantly listing new solutions which can be deployed instantly using Azure (together with Office 365 and other apps) which results in faster deployment time vs legacy data centre deployments - legacy network architecture often follows a silo approach.

If your business relies on Azure, the SD WAN vendors listed on this page are now available to view within Netify. Once you select 'Azure support', users can shortlist vendors which support Azure access. Selecting an SD WAN vendor with Azure is the easiest way to leverage their global backbone creating the best possible application performance. Applications including Teams, OneDrive, and data-intensive apps are forcing the Enterprise to adopt cloud technology vs legacy architectures due to poor traffic performance creating loss of productivity. Using the traditional data centre creates increased latency when compared to Azure.

Which Azure SD WAN partners support virtual WAN?
  • Aruba - SD-Branch vWAN allows easy orchestration and routing with fast deployment.
  • Barracuda - predominately North American SD WAN vendor with complete integration across Azure.
  • Checkpoint - Harmony Connect is the Checkpoint security partner which is capable of routing traffic based on policies within the azure Firewall manager.
  • Cisco Meraki - easily automate secure connectivity into MX applications from branches to Azure on a global basis.
  • Citrix - long term partner of Microsoft with application steering and support for Office 365, Citrix are independently tested across SaaS, Cloud and virtual application performance.
  • Palo Alto (Cloud Genix) - Palo Alto offer a virtual cloud toolkit that facilitates secure easy access to Azure management.
  • Fortinet - automated setup and secure on-ramp mean Fortinet are ideally placed to support access to Azure.
  • Open Systems - recently integrated SASE solution into the Azure virtual WAN.
  • Riverbed - leverages its application performance capabilities across Azure-based applications.
  • Silver Peak - Unity Edge Connect orchestrator delivers easy management and deployment of Azure apps.
  • Versa - utilising the VOS product to deliver application-aware access into Azure.
  • VeloCloud - choose between direct access into Azure of via the VeloCloud gateways.
What are the options to connect to Azure?

Azure ExpressRoute - a dedicated private connection that is based on layer 3 MPLS or layer 2 VPLS/VLL.

VPN Gateway - Secure IPSec tunnels between sites. Azure Firewall - Security built-in with access to VPN services.

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