How to join the BT UK Broadband Reseller Programme?

From Broadband to Leased Lines and Cloud Voice, join the BT Reseller Programme.

We’ve written a fair amount about the opportunities and pitfalls surrounding becoming a BT Broadband reseller. If you’ve read any previous content, you’ll know we present both an honest viewpoint with educational content regardless of whether you pursue a BT Reseller relationship or perhaps decide to follow a different route.

In this blog post, I’ve decided to talk about some of the most recent advances surrounding the BT Broadband Reseller Programme together with how your business is able to add products from the complete portfolio including Cloud Voice and BT Mobile. While BT Business Broadband is a leading UK brand for BT, the overall proposition for resellers is extremely strong and well-governed creating trust for both your organisation and your customers.

Decide whether to join as a White label broadband reseller via wholesale or commission based reseller?

The official BT Reseller Programme is set up to support your business as an agency based business. The offering is simple, essentially positioning your organisation as an Authorised Reseller for BT with a unique BT generated reseller ID for the purposes of reporting and receiving/claiming commissions. In respect of this article, we are discussing the commissions based side of our BT reseller programme with some basic comparison of the wholesale options.

How broadband reselling works with BT?

With every successful application, you’ll be provided with a Toolkit which details the latest BT broadband products split across the following technologies:

  • Copper FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)
  • G. FAST (An evolution of Fibre to the Cabinet)
  • FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
  • Value, Standard and Critical PSTN lines

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The Netify BT Reseller Programme offers 70% commission share across BT Business products with extensive compliance & product training and exceptional admin resources.

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Netify is a Premier Partner for BT.

The copper service represents the entry point for those clients with no fibre availability or perhaps do not require additional speeds. Depending on the proximity to the BT network, the length and quality of your copper wiring, speeds can be quite low.

We are seeing more availability for technologies such as G. FAST and FTTP allowing customers to select speeds up to 314Mbps. And, where FTTP is available, but perhaps 314Mbps has been deemed too much bandwidth, customers are able to select FTTC speeds but using FTTP as delivery at 76Mbps which reduces costs.

One of the most recent fundamental changes surrounds how BT is productising their broadband capability. The basics surround how BT no longer talk about products as such but the actual benefits and speeds as follows:

  • Ultrafast Enhanced 2 offering 314Mbps
  • Ultrafast Enhanced 1 offering 152Mbps
  • Superfast Enhanced offering 76Mbps
  • Superfast Essentials offering 76Mbps
  • Broadband Enhanced offering 17Mbps
  • Broadband Essentials offering 17Mbps

In short, Enhanced offers features such as 4G Assure (failover to 4G EE data), Device Protection (protection against Virus threats and phishing) and Enhanced IT Support which offers IT assistance for up to 5 PCs or Macs. The Essentials and Enhanced products also offer static IP address, BT Sport Application and the latest BT Business Smart Hub.

If you customer is currently with a competitor, BT offer winback bundles to reduce the cost vs ordering the separate products, i.e. a line and Broadband.

A further benefit is the ability to sell upgrades to existing BT customers. As an example, your client may already contract with BT for a Copper Broadband service. In this scenario, you will be able to process and upgrade to FTTC, G. FAST or FTTP which will qualify for a commission payment. The same applies to ISDN customers where BT will often allow migration across to BT Cloud Voice even if your client is midway through their ISDN contract.

Why BT is a great premium option for customers willing to spend a little more?

4G Assure and Device Protection are probably at the core of differentiation vs the competition. With more customers relying on their Broadband, the addition of a 4G failover capability with no additional data usage charges is making a huge difference to sales.

BT is a Premium brand with significant benefits including a well engineered, scaled network and the aforementioned benefits. We recommend that if your strategy is to sell on price then BT is not the best/right option. With this said, there are often offers which reduce the price for winbacks.

In addition to becoming a BT Broadband Reseller, our partner programme opens up the entire BT Business portfolio and BT Wholesale products/services. BT Cloud Voice (the hosted telephony option based on Broadsoft), BT Mobile and BTNet Internet Ethernet leased lines all attract excellent commission payments. Note that we currently only offer Broadband and Ethernet services via our wholesale relationship.

If you’re considering white label, we also offer BT Wholesale Broadband across copper, FTTC, G. Fast and FTTP. In order to access Wholesale, you will require a set of initial accounts as our team will also perform a credit check to validate your application. If you’re a startup, our recommendation is to begin as a commission based BT Reseller.

How can Netify help?

We offer a thorough onboarding process with a dedicated account manager and access to our BT employed resources including sales specialists. We also know the BT process better than most via hard-won experience over the years. As part of our reseller programme, we offer reporting and advice via our Support helpdesk created for our BT Resellers.

Becoming a BT Business Broadband Reseller vs residential?

We only offer Business to Business sales though clearly Wholesale presents the option to white label Broadband for the residential market.

The next steps - how to become a BT broadband reseller?

In order to progress an application, please complete some basic details. Once you get in touch, we’ll arrange an hour onboarding session to walk you through the products and process. We’ll tell you about how we work, you do the same and we’ll establish if there’s a reason to talk further.

The actual setup takes around a week, you will be expected to operate via a business email address (not Gmail or Hotmail) and have a functional website.

Learn more about the BT Reseller Programme.

Register your interest in joining the BT Reseller Programme to unlock BT Business Broadband, BTnet Leased Lines and BT Cloud Voice.

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