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New Cloud Voice Order Form

Please complete the following form:

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Customer Company Name:

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Company Registration Number:

Account Number:If a customer uses BT Broadband Access, please provide the BT Account Number associated with the service. If the Broadband access is from a third-party, please specify the provider and the account number associated with the Broadband access. E.g. TalkTalk: 12345678910



Customer Name:Please state both the customer's first and last names.

Main Number:Please provide the customer's main landline contact number.

Customer Mobile Contact Number:

Customer Email Address:

Number of concurrent calls needed:Please provide the number of calls the customer must be able to make/receive simultaneously.

Numbers to port to the cloud:

Access:Please state if the customer is having a new install of service or is using an existing service. E.g. Has existing FTTP on 012xxxxx345 OR Has existing ADSL on 012xxxxx345 (Upgrading to SOGEA) OR Having a new install of FTTP.

Does the customer have spare ports for base station?

Customer Order:Please provide the details of the customer's order.

Please display in the following format:

Number of Licences / License Type / Price per user

E.g. 4 x Basic Licences @ £4.00ex per user

1 x Connect Licences @ £10.88ex per user

Number of Call Plan Users / Call Plan Type / Price per user

E.g. 5 x Unlimited Call Pack @ £2ex per user

Number of International Minutes (If required) / Price per user

E.g. 100 Int Mins @ £2.82ex

Number of Port Charges / Price per user

E.g. 5 x Port Charges @ £0.50 per user

Number required / Handset Required / Charge to customer

E.g. 1 x Yealink W73P (Free of Charge)

4 x Yealink W73H (Free of Charge)

Configuration fee:The configuration fee is the cost per user for BT to configure the customer's VOIP service.

New handsets required:Please select Yes if the customer requires new handsets. If No, the customer will receive Softphone "BYOD" via an application.

Total Upfront:Please provide the total upfront cost to the customer.

Total:Please provide the total monthly recurring cost to the customer.

Contract Length:

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