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Who provides SD WAN services?

Service providers, vendors, resellers and system integrators provide SD WAN services. Service providers generally include connectivity, vendors offer proprietary solutions and integrators often specialise in multiple areas.

SD WAN Services

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When adopting SD WAN services, an important consideration should be the type of provider selected to deliver the solution. In this article, we shall discuss the types of SD WAN providers, what approach to SD WAN implementation they are suitable for, examples of each and how a particular provider may align with your business requirements.

What are the different types of SD WAN provider?

As a general rule of thumb, SD WAN vendors offer managed and “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) services across a range of their proprietary products. However, this depends entirely on the vendor; some provide complete end-to-end managed services of their solution, and some offer it as an optional extra. Others do not provide services directly and instead rely on partners and distributors to facilitate this. An SD WAN vendor is suitable for businesses with underlay networks and IT teams. A vendor is ideal for those that require network management in-house to meet compliance requirements, such as in the Financial or Legal services industries.

Service Providers are usually larger network providers that can offer connectivity in the form of an underlay network. Service Providers generally offer SD WAN from multiple vendors and can often provide an additional portfolio of services, such as Security or Professional Services. A Service Provider can assist in almost every aspect of a network’s deployment, bundling services tailored to meet a business’s individual needs.

An MSP tends to service a specific customer need. An MSP specialises in niche requirements and, to do so, often focuses on a few select vendor solutions. Potential clients should note now that MSPs are only suitable for customers whose needs fit or match an MSPs offering, not the other way around. The MEF has criticised the lack of standardisation for managed services. However, this is a fallacy, as every business, its requirements, and its goals will always be unique. In this way, since there is no standard business to model managed services on, an MSP will be well-suited to some customers and not fit at all for others since they tend to specialise in particular customer requirements.

SD WAN Vendors


Cato Networks is a vendor offering some of the most comprehensive Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Security Service Edge (SSE) solutions on the market. The company provides direct managed services for their solutions, such as last-mile or hands-free management, site deployment and Managed Threat Detection and Response (MDR). Cato Networks’ solution would be a good choice for a large, global enterprise wishing to transform its networking and security infrastructure whilst retaining its existing underlay services. This solution provides the option to outsource IT management to keep IT staff available for other tasks. See more here.

Aryaka New Logo

Aryaka provides end-to-end managed solutions for SD WAN, SASE, Multi-Cloud Networking, Private Access, Last Mile Services, Content Delivery Networks and Secure Web Gateway. Aryaka is suitable for businesses looking to fully outsource requirements such as Hybrid Workplace, Migration to SD WAN, Secure Internet Access, Multi-Cloud Connectivity, Connectivity to China, Unified Communications as-a-service (UCaaS) and cloud application performance. See more here.

Cisco Logo

Cisco provides two approaches, Cisco Viptela and Cisco Meraki offerings. The two solutions cover the majority of the market. The Cisco Meraki solution offers a simplified, easy-to-manage approach to SD WAN, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with limited IT resources. On the other hand, Cisco Viptela, the traditional Cisco solution aimed at large, multinational organisations, is a higher-cost, more advanced, and feature-rich SD WAN solution. The complexity of the solution requires sufficiently skilled IT staff, and smaller firms may find the solution challenging to manage. Cisco products are only offered through Cisco-certified partners or distributors and do not offer any managed service. However, both solutions benefit from native integration with Cisco’s broad portfolio of products and services. See more  for Cisco Viptela here. See more  for Cisco Meraki here.

Versa SD WAN Logo

Versa Networks is a SASE vendor suitable for various business sizes. The Versa solution is available through service providers, cloud-delivered or their Versa Titan cloud service. Versa Titan is ideal for businesses looking to streamline their IT infrastructure through cloud-managed networking and security. The Versa Networks solution is also suitable for companies undertaking a WAN Edge infrastructure transformation, including SD WAN, routing and security to support a distributed workforce. See more here.


VeloCloud was acquired by VMware in 2017, with its SD WAN solution added to the VMware portfolio, expanding its presence in the networking market. VMware is an SD WAN and SASE vendor with a focus on virtualisation. VMware specialises in cloud, workforce and application transformation. It is ideal for businesses wishing to overhaul their network and security infrastructure and leverage software and virtualisation to reduce their hardware footprint. As a software vendor, customers can acquire VMware SD WAN and SASE software directly from VMware’s website. See more here.

SD WAN Service Providers

Masergy Logo

In 2021 Comcast Business acquired Masergy to assist in its strategy to serve large enterprises with a global footprint better. Masergy is a cloud and software-defined networking company offering SD WAN, SASE, managed security and unified communications through channel partners, Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and distributors. Masergy meets the needs of businesses that require network security, automation and support for a hybrid workforce. Masergy’s portfolio includes managed, co-managed and “Over-The-Top” (OTT) SD WAN, managed security for endpoint, cloud and network, Security Operations Center (SOC) services, contact centre and unified communications solutions. See more here.


The BT Group is the largest broadband, fixed line and mobile service provider in the United Kingdom. BT can design, build and deliver IT solutions leveraging decades of experience and expertise, with operations in approximately 180 countries. The BT Global Services Division offers SD WAN through partnerships with VMware, Cisco (Meraki & Viptela), and Prisma from Palo Alto Networks. BT offer flexibility with solutions customised to meet the requirements of the customer. BT can provide networking, security, digital workplace and customer contact services with customers receiving ongoing assistance from BT support services. BT’s services are available in most countries. However, the providers’ network and coverage are robust in the UK and Europe, making it a suitable choice for businesses with most of their locations in this area. BT’s offering is split between small-medium companies and global enterprises to distinguish services and improve customer support. However, as a large telco, they may not be as agile in adopting new technologies across the entire business as some smaller competitors. See more here.

Verizon MPLS Logo

Similarly to BT, Verizon is a prominent American telecommunications provider that offers directly managed SD WAN and SASE security. Verizon has over 30 years of experience managing networks and operates in 150 countries with a team of 300 experts to support customer needs. Like BT, the company’s focus and strengths are primarily within its domestic market. To this end, Verizon is a good option for businesses with most branches in North America. This recommendation applies to any size North American company; however, caution here as, unlike BT, there is currently no distinction between services for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and large global enterprises. The lack of a difference between services may negatively impact customer service regarding the speed of support and communication with the customer. See more here.


GTT is a North American underlay provider supporting a Tier 1 IP network of over 600 global points-of-presence (PoPs). The company offer SD WAN, Internet, Security, Voice and other WAN services leveraging its global Internet backbone. GTT offer managed or DIY SD WAN models with the SD WAN overlay delivered via partnerships with Fortinet, Silver Peak and VeloCloud by VMware. GTT are well suited to a multinational business with an extensive network footprint looking to refresh its network and security architecture, transition to a single provider for overlay and underlay or wish to utilise a global internet backbone. GTT directly offers managed network services, which customers can acquire straight from GTT. See more here.


Colt Technology Services is a British telecommunications provider with decades of experience. The Colt IQ Network provides fibre transport across the globe from North America to Asia. Potential clients should note that the highest location density is again in UK and Europe. The network does not cover Canada, South America or Africa and only has a limited presence in Eastern Europe. Colt offers a managed or DIY SD WAN service which is Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) based. In 2015, Colt became wholly owned by Fidelity Investments and Eight Roads, improving its financial stability, and in 2022, Colt received a Net Promoter Score of 73 in Europe. The services from Colt can be acquired directly and are a good fit for any business requiring an underlay and overlay solution, with most of its locations in Europe that require global connectivity. See more here.

SD WAN Managed Service Providers (MSPs)


DXC is an American IT service and consulting company that directly manages business devices, infrastructure, LAN, multi-cloud, Data Centre and SD WAN networks. DXC supports locations in 70+ countries with over 4,400 network management experts worldwide. DXC also hosts Global Innovation and Delivery Centres in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. DXC is a good choice for businesses looking to outsource their network needs, such as modernisation of the network, improvements to network reliability operations or wish for network consulting and advisory. See more here.


Dimension Data is a South African managed service provider with decades of experience serving the Middle East and Africa. The company offers directly managed services for the edge, network and multi-cloud as well as Collaboration & CX, Global Data Centres and Software-defined Infrastructure Services. Dimension Data aligns closely with NTT, which provides connectivity for Dimension Data solutions. The managed underlay from NTT leverages a global tier 1 backbone, 75+ international and local cloud centres with cloud-based NFV services and over 1000 local internet provider partners. Dimension Data is partnered with technology vendors to offer overlay solutions, such as Cisco, Fortinet, Check Point, VMware and HPE Aruba. The company also provides SD WAN support services with four uptime service plans. Dimension Data is ideal for businesses with most branch locations in the Middle East or Africa that require an end-to-end SD WAN solution. See more here.

Globalgig Logo

Globalgig is a multinational provider of enterprise communication services. A global aggregator with offices in North America, the UK, Europe and Australia. Globalgig offers three tiers of managed SD WAN, essential, plus and premier, with services ranging from monitoring and visibility, device and firmware management and out-of-band management. Globalgig provides a platform-agnostic underlay and offers overlay solutions from Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Peplink, Cradlepoint, Cisco Meraki and Cisco Viptela. Customers can obtain Globalgig solutions directly from Globalgig, channel partners or resellers. Globalgig is suited to businesses requiring managed SD WAN with global availability from a single source with single billing. See more here.

Opensystems logo-1

Open Systems is a global SASE provider with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Open Systems provides cloud-delivered security solutions and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. SD WAN is available from Open Systems as a component of their SASE+ solution. Open Systems services can be procured either directly or via channel partners. The Open Systems fully managed MDR solution provides continuous monitoring and detection from their own Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Data Scientists, freeing up In-house IT and security teams to work on strategic initiatives. Open Systems is a good fit for any sized business with its own IT/security teams that require Secure Remote Access, Cloud Enablement and Cyber Risk Mitigation. Due to Open Systems’ emphasis on security, they would be an ideal choice for high-risk businesses such as those within the financial services, healthcare and insurance sectors. See more here.


CDW is an American IT solutions provider that can help businesses design, build, deploy and manage their infrastructure. CDW offers technology vendor hardware and software directly or integrated IT solutions such as CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure Services to fill gaps in expertise or tools. CDW Amplified™ can provide configuration, data, development, infrastructure, security, support and workspace services. CDW is available in the UK, United States and Canada and is ideal for businesses looking for a managed solution tailored to their requirements through customisation. See more here.


SD WAN is ever-increasing in prevalence, with TeleGeography’s WAN market size report five-year market forecast estimating that the largest 5,000 companies globally will grow the global WAN market by ≈ 44% to $85 Billion in 2026 from $59 Billion in 2021. Projections show that SD WAN, port charges, and broadband will continue growing whilst on-premises data centres and legacy networking topologies are further scaled back. Hopefully, the above descriptions have aided in clarifying what approach may suit your business needs and provide insight into some examples whose business cases may align with your requirements. The listed providers are just a snippet of what the SD WAN market offers. If the providers in this article do not meet your needs or you would like to learn more about a particular provider, please look at the listings within the Netify marketplace.

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