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What are the commission rates for BT Business Broadband new and winback sales?

In this Knowledge article, we're explaining commission rates for New or Winback Broadband sales.

Remember that Broadband is also the enabler for the full BT Cloud Voice product (not to be confused with Broadband+Cloud Voice Express). If your customer has 3 or more lines, there's a great opportunity to sell Solus Broadband with the full Cloud Voice product to earn fantastic commissions. The catch? BT Cloud Voice requires some focus to learn about the features and sales process. 

Before I begin, please note the following:

  • Solus refers to a stand-alone Broadband sale - i.e. SOGEA or FTTP which are sold WITHOUT Cloud Voice Express. (Solus can be sold with the full Cloud Voice product, sorry to confuse you but I can explain if needed)
  • SOGEA is the new version of FTTC+Line which is provisioned with a digital line - you need to sell Cloud Voice Express if the customer needs to retain their number and make calls or sell the full Cloud Voice for three users plus.
  • Commission is payable based on SOV (Sales order Value).
  • Always sell the 'Enhanced' Broadband package which includes EE 4G Failover and a few other features.

Remember: Give all of your sales a boost with Complete Wi-Fi for £7 when selling Enhanced Broadband or £10 when selling Essentials Broadband. Here's a quick example: £7*24=£168, 17.5% of £168=£29.40 extra per sale.

Did you know? When you sell the 'Enhanced' Broadband package, your customer will receive 'Expert Setup'. This means a BT engineer will visit their premises to install the Complete Wi-Fi discs. * You should only select the Expert Setup option if your customer genuinely requires this free service.

Here's the detail.

New: Solus SOGEA or FTTP 24, 36 and 60 month contracts: 21% Commission.

If your customer does not require their landline and number or they are using the full BT Cloud Voice product (or a 3rd party Voice product), you can sell stand-alone SOGEA or FTTP. Boost commissions by selling 36 month or 60 month contracts to maximise SOV.

Here's an example:

900Mbps FTTP at £59.95*60 months=£3,597 SOV. 21% of £3,597=£755.73 commission payment. * Longer term contracts are only available with Solus products.

New: SOGEA or FTTP Cloud Voice Express 24 month bundles: 18.9% Commission.

If your customer needs to keep their landline number, you can sell SOGEA or FTTP with Cloud Voice Express across 24 month contracts. Your customer will receive a brand new digital handset and features which transforms their legacy landline. Here's an example:

76Mbps SOGEA+Cloud Voice Express+Call package at £49.95*24 months=£1,198.80 SOV. 18.9% of £1,198.80=£226.57 commission payment.

New: FTTC+Line (with/without Calls) 24 month bundles: 15.4% Commission.

If your customers cannot receive the latest SOGEA and FTTP service options, it is still possible to sell ADSL+Line or FTTC+Line with or without a Call package. Note, you should only sell these legacy services if SOGEA and FTTP is not available. Here's an example:

76Mbps FTTC+Line+Call package at £49.95*24 months=£1,198.80 SOV. 15.4% of £1,198.80=£184.61 commission payment.