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How to sell 5 year BT Broadband contracts

Selling five-year (60-month) BT Broadband contracts can make a significant difference to commissions. We have created a step-by-step guide to help your business understand how to identify if your prospect is eligible for a longer contract term.

Note: 21% commission calculated across the 5 year term is only payable for new or winback business. Upgrades where the customer has <180 days left on their contract are payable at 10.5%.

5 year terms are only available on SOLUS products - SOLUS refers to a stand-alone Broadband which is not part of a bundle (e.g. Cloud Voice Express is a bundle product and would not qualify). There are 2 Broadband SOLUS products available to sell on 5 year contracts. 

  1. FTTC+SOGEA - Standalone FTTC installed over a digital SOGEA line qualifies for a 5 year term. SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) is the replacement for traditional phone lines. Openreach are converting legacy PSTN (phone lines) to digital only meaning the lines no longer provide a dial tone or the ability to make phone calls.
  2. FTTP - End to end Fibre to the Premises qualifies for a 5 year term.

Please be sure your customer no longer needs their landline phone number when selling either of the above products - i.e. they use their mobile or another Internet provided voice service. If the customer does require their phone number, you will need to sell Cloud Voice Express which is not available on 5 year terms. Note, you can sell the full Cloud Voice product with SOLUS products but there is a minimum of 3 licences.

Once you have established the above, check your customer can get SOGEA+FTTC or FTTP Broadband using the Wholesale checker here. SOGEA+FTTC SOLUS or FTTP SOLUS are the only products that qualify for 5 year contracts.

Example TAGS check for SOGEA and FTTP

In this example, the results show:

  • SOGEA and FTTC are available but FTTP is not currently supported - If FTTP is supported for your check, confirmation would show in the notes.
  • Please ignore 'FTTP on Demand' this is not an available Openreach product.

Next, send us the prospect details for pre-checking via our support email address. Note: Please send in bulk checks on a daily basis rather than adhoc. Our team will confirm whether the prospect is with BT or a competitor.

If they are with BT, the pre-check result will show their current product and whether the prospect is eligible for an upgrade (less than 6 months left on their existing contract).

Lastly, speak to your prospect about what they need. Remember that your customer must be fully aware they are signing for a 5 year term.