Things You Don’t Know About Amazon Web Services

7 reasons why AWS is an excellent option for business outsourcing their web services.Whether you are a large or a medium-size business, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform is basically a gateway for your servers to connect to remote and geographically diverse data centers. As a result, you are burdened with neither the costs nor the hassles of building the infrastructure to access such data centers from scratch.

What AWS Can Do for Your Business

In today's business world, the strategic use of customer information garnered from big data plays a pivotal role in a business’ evolution and survival. But to arrive at actionable insights, you first need to build the infrastructure to gain access to the big data flowing into cloud-based data centers; to do that, your business needs a huge injection of cash and time. Amazon Web Services provides you with the means to set up a global data presence, minus the cost of building your own cloud.

Reasons Why AWS is So Spectacular

1. Amazon Web Services is like a ready-to-eat meal: you don’t have to do any of the groundwork. Instead, you can use the building blocks AWS provides for erecting customised platforms to support your work load, irrespective of the size of your business.

2. The self-service model allows you to compute, store and network with the click of your mouse, saving you huge financial investments and time to focus on your business.

3. You can either use templates or build your own Amazon elastic compute cloud.

4. There's no need to worry about minor, yet crucial, details such as provisioning, availability, backup services and recovery. AWS does it all for you.

5. AWS on-demand access means you aren’t weighed down with upfront costs, as you pay only for what you use, be it the low-cost compute or access to its huge database.

6. You are also given all the tools you’ll need to handle these resources. For instance, if you’re building a business app, AWS equips you with the tools to pair your app with databases – both relational and non-relational.

7. AWS allows on-demand access to a comprehensive range of hardware configurations. This makes experimentation not only simple and undemanding, but a lot less risky.

To sum it all up, Amazon Web Services’ powerful cloud-based platform stands out for the flexibility it accords, allowing your infrastructure to automatically shrink or expand as your business demands evolve.

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