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Cato's SASE has been named a Challenger within the Gartner Magic Quadrant and named a leader by Forrester. Cloud integrates SD-WAN features with SASE components. The Cato capability offers SD-WAN and SASE solutions via Cato Sockets and Cato Cloud. Cato Sockets (SD-WAN devices) integrate datacenter into Cato Cloud, which is a cloud-native platform designed to merge network security with global connectivity. Cato are typically associated with mid-market, global companies that require co-managed SD-WAN and SASE. Cato has shown a commitment to evolving their services across advanced security and AI-driven network management enhancements.


Amazon Web Services Cloud Solutions: Comparisons, Review, Benefits, Use Cases, Pros & Cons

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Cybersecurity and SD WAN

AWS Products and Services:

AWS's solution focuses on cloud computing, please see below for products/services offered:

Security, Identity and Compliance:
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) - secure access management for services and resources.
  • Amazon Cognito - identity management for applications.
  • Amazon Detective - investigates possible security issues. 
  • Amazon GuardDuty - a managed threat detection service. 
  • Amazon Inspector - automated vulnerability management. 
  • Amazon Macie - locates and protects sensitive data at scale. 
  • AWS Artifact - access AWS compliance reports on-demand. 
  • AWS Audit Manager - continuously audits AWS usage. 
  • AWS Certificate Manager - provisions, manages and deploys SSL/TLS certificates. 
  • AWS CloudHSM - hardware-based key storage for regulatory compliance. 
  • AWS Directory Service - hosts and manages active directory. 
  • AWS Firewall Manager - centrally manages firewall rules. 
  • AWS Key Management Service - manages the creation and control of encryption keys. 
  • AWS Network Firewall - network security designed to protect VPC's. 
  • AWS resolute Access manager - a service offering the ability to share AWS resources. 
  • AWS Security Hub - a unified security and compliance center. 
  • AWS Shield - Direct Denial of Service (DDoS) protection. 
  • AWS Single Sign On (SSO) - cloud SSO service.
  • AWS WAF - filters malicious web traffic. 
Networking and Content Delivery:
  • Amazon VPC - isolates cloud resources. 
  • Amazon API Gateway - builds, deploys and manages APIs. 
  • Amazon CloudFront - a global content delivery network. 
  • Amazon Route 53 - a scalable Domain Name System (DNS)
  • AWS App Mesh - monitors and controls micro-services. 
  • AWS Cloud Map - service discovery for cloud resources. 
  • AWS Cloud WAN (preview) - builds, manages and monitors WANs
  • AWS Direct Connect - a dedicated network connection to AWS.
  • AWS Global Accelerator - improves application availability and performance. 
  • AWS Private 5G (preview) - deploys, manages and scales a private cellular network. 
  • AWS PrivateLink - secures access to services hosted by AWS. 
  • AWS Transit Gateway - sales VPC and account connections.
  • AWS VPN - secures access to network resources. 
  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) - distributes incoming traffic across multiple targets. 
Featured Products and Services:
  • Amazon EC2 - virtual servers hosted in the cloud. 
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) - scalable storage in the cloud. 
  • Amazon Aurora - a high performance relational database. 
  • Amazon DynamoDB - a managed NoSQL database. 
  • Amazon RDS - a managed relational database service for MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle, SQL Server and MariaDB. 
  • AWS Lambda - runs code without requiring servers. 
  • Amazon VPC - isolated cloud resources. 
  • Amazon Lightsail - deploys and manages virtual private servers. 
  • Amazon SageMaker - builds, trains and deploys machine learning models at scale. 
Other Products/Services Categories:
  • Analytics 
  • Application Integration 
  • Blockchain
  • Business Applications
  • Cloud Financial Management 
  • Compute
  • Contact Center 
  • Containers 
  • Database 
  • Developer Tools
  • End User Computing
  • Front-End Web and Mobile 
  • Game Tech
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning 
  • Management and Governance 
  • Media Services 
  • Migration and Transfer 
  • Networking and Content Delivery 
  • Quantum Technologies 
  • Robotics 
  • Satellite 
  • Security, Identity and Compliance 
  • Serverless 
  • Storage 
  • VR and AR

*More products available on the AWS website.

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